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Yosuga no Sora - Episode 02

OMG, they are SISTERS!!!! I guess their arc is first

Summary: Haruka visits Akira`s house and find out she lives alone. Akira directs Haruna to buy some ice cream from a shop owner who looks oddly familiar (A character from Air maybe? Is she going to crash a bike?). He buys the candy and walks home. A limo pulls up with Migiwa inside. She offers to take him home, and they talk in the limo­. Haruka says that she is always looking after Akira despite her tentative attitude towards her. Migiwa blushes a bit. They both arrive at Haruka’s home as Sora is waiting for him. Migiwa offers to sew Sora’s school uniform together for him, since Haruka, and Sora are amateurs to sewing. The next morning, Sora wears her school uniform and goes to school with Haru, as Ryouhei Nakazato introduces himself to her. In class, Ryouhei springs to life as he remembers that it is time for the students to clean the school pool together. In the pool, everybody graces Sora in her swimsuit. Migiwa however forgets her swimsuit, and sits be the sidelines. Just as Kuranaga starts to say she will spray the water, Akira grabs the hose and yells to Kuranaga to pump the water. As Kuranage pumps the water, Akira Nukess plashes everybody with water knocking all the students down for the count. Akira accidently sprays water on Migiwa though and helps to dry her up. Haruka notices Migiwa dropped her phone and runs to give it back to her. In the girls change room, he starts hearing some erotic sounds, but suddenly hears Migiwa cry out onee-chan (sister) to Akira.

Impressions: The show once again shows us another cliffhanger in the episode. I am not buying it at all, hence why I showed the caption above. This was a slow episode. They did some character development on Akira and Migiwa, but that was fairly it. The cool thing is Sora finally comes to school, but she is from another class (BOO). Another addition is the introduction of Ryouhei. He seems to be the most enjoyable in the episode thus far, besides Kuranaga. He just spouts some Haruka X Migiwa, and Haruka X Akira out loud that makes Sora all jealous. The direction of the show is mysterious for now. The show seems to be heading towards the Migiwa and Akira arc, but something tells me they are going to resolve it early. There was no Migiwa`s maid in the cannon of the episode, but instead a short omake at the end. Oddly enough, I like the part is she playing, and hopes her next arrival to the real show is just as amusing      


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