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To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 01

Look its Mikoto!
Oh and look at the cat

Summary: Touma is having an awful problem. He has to finish some homework before the start of school but due to some problems, he does not have enough time. Index is back, watching (I believe) some Magical girl show and wants to go out and eat. A man comes to Touma’s apartment and trashes the whole place. Fortunately, Touma and index already left for the restaurant. The man however comes to the restaurant and shoots a magical crossbow arrow in front of Touma, luckily Touma blocks it with his imagine breaker. The man however teleports behind Touma and grabs Index turning her and himself invisible so they he could escape. Touma and Sphinx looks for Index. Sphinx catches a trail,however, it leads to some food along with a dead end. Touma then runs into Mikoto, but he ignores her and heads off. The man performs a magic ritual to try to take a volume from Index’s 103, 000. He cannot however withstand that much knowledge and starts bleeding to death. Touma comes in and cancels the ritual with once again his imagine break. The man tries to fight back, but is too weak to do so. He starts to cry, as he cannot save his love from a curse and closes his eyes, signalling his death. However, Sphinx scratches him and he wakes up. Touma says he can save her love with his image breaker and the episode ends. After the credits Kanzaki Koari comes in and defeats a bunch of knights from England, Tsuchimikado Motoharu tells her what she has done, but Koari leaves.

Impressions: I was told earlier that this was a filler episode. I hope so, because Touma is totally screwed. His apartment is ruined and most of all he is no longer capable of finishing his homework! Well anyway, the episode was decent given how it was a one shot. Although, it could have been by far better if it was pertinent to the plot like the first episode of Index I. There was a hefty amount of flashbacks too, which gave it less value as well, so this was definitely disappointing. The only thing cool was a brief scene with Mikoto, and that all.

Expectations and Predictions: This was a rough start to the Index series. It does not help either when there are other shows that gave a better impact in the first episode too. I expect it to be better though later in the series, because the next episode is signalling the nuns and please let there be fewer one shot arcs that mean nothing in the overall plot! It would be good if Mikoto and Touma get together, but given how this is J.C Staff I doubt it in this season. I do hope that Mikoto actually helps Touma in his fight with magicians though. In the last season, Index met Mikoto in the near end of the season. Hopefully she is more involved with Index and is through into battles with them. Although most of all, I hope she helps Touma with the Accelerator, which I think is the highlight of this season.  

P.S The first episode of a new series will have more priority than the second episode of a series. 


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