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To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 02

What kind of Archbishop are you?
Summary: The premise goes like this. Orsola Acquinas is as nun, who is the only person capable of deciphering the volume “Liber Al vel Legis”. Even Index’s 103,000 volumes seal was not able to decipher it. Steyr asks Touma to help by kidnapping Index, but as he arrives, Orsola is with him, although immediately, the Amakusa snatches her away. Steyr, Touma, Index, and another nun, Agnes Sanctis work together to trap the Amakusa from escaping with Orsola, with the extra nuns they make camp out in a parking lot. Index says they can only escape through a vortex in a region the can be summon 4 hours from now. Throughout the preparation at night, Agnes sneaks up on Touma’s bed, and Index bites him while she is half-asleep.

Impressions: The whole episode was a build up to the next one, so we were spared from the massive amounts of techno babble. To be honest, I took some notes to make sure I got all it, but there really isn’t all that much (Don’t worry !). The big treat we got however was all the character introductions. There was the Archbishop, Laura Stewart who was a funny to watch, because she had a strange accent, Orsola Acquinas who reminds of the swords girl in Campbella, because she is lost all the time even with plain fabric of simplicity directions, and my favourite is Agnes Sanctis, who she is played by Kugimiya Rie, my favourite voice actor. She collides into Touma ALL the time. We get to see Agnes and Touma in a panty showing, BATH scene, BED scene, by just plain accidents like tripping, slugs, and cute huddling. Her characteristics fit her voice actor just perfectly: small breast, short, and red hair, but it is curly, which I do not like (At least it is covered by the hate most of the time). Anyway, I cannot wait for the next episode, must watch.  


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