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Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt - Episode 01

Summary: The story begins in Daten City where a huge tower and a dog dancing around. A paper with the writings “W.C” (Water Closet) appears. The priest grabs the paper and calls for Panty and Stocking. Panty (the blonde) gets out of bed with a guy beside. Stocking is up as well with some candy on her. The two come down as the black with afro hair and a wearing a holy shirt priest Garterbelt, explains them of a ghost that is a foot. The ghost is apparently sucking people in through toilets (Yes that’s right). Panty is talking about guys they need to have sex with, and candy Stocking is talking about what candy she wants to eat as they don’t even care what Garterbelt is talking about. After being lectured about their duties as angels sent from Heaven to conquer evil by Garterbelt, Panty and Stocking set off on their Humvee  called “See Though”. The two meet plumber who just finished his work while Panty points a gun at his face. The two decide he’s not the ghost and Panty decides to go in a motel with him. After midnight, Garterbelt, Stocking, and Panty start eating their dinner. Panty goes to the toilet. In the toilet she gets sucked inside, and gets shot back up, only to be covered by some unwanted brown stuff. As she explains the situation with Garter and Stocking, the ghost comes out of the toilet and starts rampages the city. Panty and Stocking steps up to fight as they go into this completely new art style transformation. They defeat the ghost and gain a heaven’s coin. The bell rings signalling the defeat of the ghost.      

The next episode begins with Panty having finished sex with a biker dude. She watches T.V as a ghost car with no driver gets chased by the cops and “See Through”. She gets a call from Garterbelt and denies she’s in a motel, but Garter just knows it. She gets another call from Stocking. Panty denies she’s watching T.V, but Stocking knows she’d just finished with a guy and is watching T.V. Panty takes the biker’s bike as she explains technique is better than speed. The scene changes to stocking with Stocking pursuing the ghost car. Panty joins in jumping on the car, but in the process falls off and gets her pants stolen. The ghost car sees a blockade and says that it won’t stop him, but gets completely “Matrix Reloaded”. The ghost then transfers itself to a truck crushing the cop cars. Panty leads the truck to a dead end as Stocking slices the truck in half, however the ghost transfer itself yet again to a train and the two pursue. The train hits it to overdrive and the girls can barely hang on. Panty tells their green dog that men with elastic abilities are better as she uses the dog to slingshot to the front of the train. She gets her gun/pants back and blows the ghost train apart. The two leave gaining three heaven’s coin.

Impressions: That was certainly jammed packed episode won’t you say? The feel is very reminiscent of Toppa Tengen Gurren Laggan produced by Gainex, who also produces this show. The anime is very unique in a sense of the art style, but they just like to tease us by having a really cool change effect for the girls. The show is two stories per episode, a lot like the hit Power Puff Girls, which I believe Gainex was inspired by. However, this show is really upfront with its mature audience view. This was either a hit or miss for and Gainex was lucky they put the Gurren Laggan effect instead of their Evagelion feel. This is an easy watch for me because it’s a show where people just sit back and let the action kick in. All in all a good show and plan to watch it.  

Expectations and Predictions: I can only say that I will definitely watch, but it could prove to some people to be a worthless overly sex talk show with art style that you may or may not like. Its a mix with some people, although I guess I'm the half that likes it. Its not that I'm a fan of some sexually innuendo, but I could just safely say, its an anime where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the action


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