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STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto - Episode 03

Duel Wield baby. Its the way to go. Those things look like light sabers man!

Summary: Mrs. Watanabe asks Takuto if a high school marriage is good. He is confused, but say it works. Her husband is very wealthy person named Leon Watanabe head of the Grand Tonnerre Foundation. He is almost 65 years old, and lives in Paris. Mrs. Watanabe tells Takuto she feels lonely in bed in night. As she talks about herself, the classroom hears all of it, and the black haired girl in front of Takuto tells her not to interrupt the class lesson. After class, Takuto is hungry, because he loss all his money for the entire month from swimming to the island. Ruri shares some of her bento filled with croquettes to Takuto and he lushes at the occasion. When Ruri offers to make him croquettes from now on, Kanako (Mrs. Watanabe) offers him a part time job. The black haired girl asks Kanako not have her haircut, but she ignores it. Simone asks Kanako not to move until he finishes cutting. She says it is just pool cleaning, but Ruri suddenly jumps out realizing where her house is. Kanako lets the entire gang join in on cleaning her pool, Takuto, Wako, Ruri, and Sugata. Takuto questions the spectacle of Kanako’s house, but Ruri tells him it is a giant cruise boat. The scene cuts to Mrs. Watanabe’s house/boat whom her husband gave to her as a present. She welcomes them to home. Simone alerts Watanabe of her husband’s status. Her husband wants to know when she will be back at Paris. Kanako tells her to leave a message to him saying she will call back later. She is not good at French nor is his husband good at Japanese, so Simone has to translate.

The group starts to clean the pool while avoiding the crocodile that Kanako owns. Suddenly, the vice- president, which is the fox, starts explore all around the boat. It goes on Kanako’s laptop and she freaks and orders his servant, Takashi to kill it. When the fox goes on Wako’s head, Takuto defends against the servant from hitting her. Intrigued, Kanako offers to pay him double if he has a kendo match with Takashi. They start the match, but unfortunately, Kanako is bored, because both of them are not trying.

Later at the Glittering Crux Brigade meeting, the representatives of the sections hold a meeting. They talk about if they can repair the cybodies and one of them says it is possible. They also wonder why the Tauburn is the only one in phase three. The group once again say that the person, who defeats the galactic pretty boy and his Tauburn, will become leader of the group. Simone in the audience hears this, whispering “the person who defeats the Tauburn”.

At Kanako’s boat, Simone asks why Takashi went easy on Takuto. He says he is not worth it. Then suddenly Simone grabs his arms wanting to kiss him. However, Kanako calls them. After Simone leaves, she consults to Takashi if he can win against the Tauburn. She does not care if he becomes the leader as long as he can destroy it, and put effort next time.  At the brigade center, the purpled haired man asks the green haired girl for the story last time. The girl tells him that the hero was able to go to out of the galaxy using the only boat capable of reaching that far. The boat belonged to the king who offers any wish as long as the person can stop the squid blood and take his blue blood as truth.

Takashi wearing a mask goes in the cyber casket to operate a cybody. Takuto and Wako are thrown to the zero space as Takashi challenges Takuto. Tauburn rises, and Takashi`s cybody unsheathes a star word, Amethyst. The Tauburn also unsheathes a star sword, Emerald making eleven swords. Takashi actually tries this time. He thrusts at him and overpowers the Tauburn. However, Takuto unsheathes yet another star sword called Saphir marking the twelfth star sword. Takuto`s duel wielding overwhelms Takashi`s cybody and it explodes. Later, Kanako calls her husband saying she will stay in Japan a little longer.

Impressions: I am starting to like this very much actually. Yes, the show revealed some vibes of every opponent every episode cliché although the overall story is becoming appealing to me. The fish story for example that the girl in the cage told is starting to interest me a little, although I wish I could say that to her singing ever episode could stop. Her fairy tale might somehow contrast the plot in Star Driver, yet this is my assumption and it could go array. Most likely, the fairy tale will lead to some back story of why the Crux Brigade is doing this and the story of the four maidens trying to stop the seal. How she is linked to the purpled hair person makes me wonder if she let herself be captured in order for her to maybe change the ways of the purple haired person, whom we still do not know is.

My predictions of Kanako`s husband were wrong. Her husband is not the purpled haired person, but a rich man who she uses in order to fund the Crux Brigade. I think Kanako is just using her husband for his money, but how Kanako was able to marry him is beyond me. This then leads to her interest on Takuto. I found very attractive, and I would like to see some kind of jealousy Wako who she is going to provoke along with Ruri.

 The mech battle this time was the best so far. For some reason, it is always cool in anime to have the protagonist duel wield swords. Nobody cares about shield anymore, just use two and the character is set! I can see some different kind of animation this time around, and I like. It is very Gundam like, and Gurren Laggan as well.

However, there are some bad aspects to this episode though. For one, Sugata is still not pertinent to the plot at all. He shows up every now and then, but seems to do nothing. He does not even show up in zero zone, so where he they are going with his character is unknown. In addition, there are many characters, which are just unappealing to me. Takashi served to be someone who will come back given how they talk about repairing the broken cybodies, but his motive is unclear, because of how cold she treats Simone. The girl sitting in front of Takuto just bugs me. She is a plain and boring character who only does school work. I hope she is not one of the leaders in the six sections.

P.S: This showing was very strong. I hope to blog this one, because of all the action it has, and maybe a potentially good plot. 


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