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STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto - Episode 02


Almost, but no sugar. Does it count if it is in front of a  glass?

Summary:  Early in the classroom, Takuto is sitting behind green haired women. A person shows up and the two kiss between the windows. Takuto screams at shock. The girl explains he is a complete stranger, and she introduces herself as Kanako Watanabe. She is a married. Sugata comes up to him and asks if they could meet after school, Takuto agrees. They both go to the Night Flight drama club and they meet third year, Saria Endoh, who is president, second year Jaguar Yamasugata, and first year Tiger Sugatame and a cute little fox creature who is vice-president. The president asks him if he pilots a cybody. He shows them his scar on his chest, and they talk about cybodies and zero space. Underground, the Glittering Crux Brigade holds a meeting. Its leaders: third section Bougainvilleae, Ivrogne, fourth section Adult Bank, the President (Watanabe), fifth section Filament Scarlet Kiss, and six section Science Guild, Professor Greed talk about the situation with the Galactic Pretty boy and the sealed maidens and the deciding of the leader, which whoever defeats the Galactic Pretty Boy becomes leader of the Brigade. They all agree.

In the boy’s bathroom, Takuto wonders about the world as the R.A (Shinada Benio) comes into the bath. The R.A proceeds to go closer to kiss Takuto, but the other boys come in, and she disappears. In the dorms front, the blue hair rider talks with Benio and they start to kiss. Sugata, Wako, and the president of the drama club Saria talk about the Brigade, if Takuto is a spy to them, and if he knows Sugata and Wako are engaged. Sugata tells Wako that Takuto knows, but does not who told him. Takuto is in the beach as the blue hair rider rides off extremely excited. The purple hair person with the fish girl starts talking about Takuto as the blue hair rider starts to pilot a cybody. A cybody, Tetroih appears and Zero space drags Takuto and Wako into it. The fish girl starts to sing as Takuto and the blue hair rider starts to battle with their cybodies.

The blue rider puts up a good fight with his ridiculous speed, but unfortunately, Tauburns’s Tau Galaxy beam overpowers him. Defeated, Scarlet Kiss takes off the blue riders mask and declares she will avenge him.

Impressions: This was a rather slow episode, but I guess the mecha battle was the only thing to look forward. The Crux Brigade shows all their leaders this time around, and they are as attractive as ever sporting that black latex clothing and masks. Of course, I cannot stop this write up if I do not talk about the kisses. There were two this time around (almost three) and I have to say that I am not sure what the direction for this is after that. If I were in an island where you just ask someone out and kiss between a glass windows, then I think I will be a very happy person. Watanabe seems to be the boss, but I cannot tell who her husband is. My best guess is the purpled hair person, but it`s a given. Benio seems to be challenging Takuto next time, butI hate to see her leave. I hope that other subordinates of other sections start to challenge him.

P.S I could name everyone a different colour, because of how the show’s characters all have different hair colours. In addition, I could tell who is who in the masks, because of their hair colour!   


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