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Sora no Otoshimono forte - Episode 04

It's the abominable Mitsuki! Or how I like to call her Sohara-zilla!

Summary: Astraea looks down at the pond reminiscing his master’s words not to give up. Mikako shows up behind to tell her that she needs to learn the ways to fight in Japan again. It is wintertime. Tomoki is off sleeping in class minding his own business. All of a sudden the class representative, Mikako announces that every student is to report outside. Tomoki is strapped down into chair marking his side as the boys. The girl’s leader is Mikako, and she declares a snowball fight between the two sexes. The award is that whoever team wins, the loser has to do everything they say. Tomoki and a gang of boys quickly gather around as his perverted spirit revives him into a general war leader. Meanwhile in the girl’s side, Ikaros and Nymph try to find a hot spring to turn the tide in their favour. The war rages on as the boy charges into the defences of the girls. They ignore Astraea and goes out to bury Mistuki alive. Tomoki considers Astraea as no threat, and she quickly proves him right. Near the mountains, the two angeloids search for a hot spring. Mikako arrives to see how they are doing, while Sugata comes and gives her a shovel. Somehow, she finds a hot spring by slamming a certain spot in the ground. At night, the men decide to “interrogatethe captured girls. However, a scout reports to Tomoki that the girls are having a hot spring bath. Tomoki and a few other boys immediately take off. During that time, a few boys untie the hostage girls. They run off to join the girl’s side as Tomoki and the men begin to pursue them. Mikako surrounds Tomoki’s gang and Sugata says to give up. Tomoki refuses to go out, and fights to the end. A giant snow monstrosity shows up and punishes Tomoki and his followers. Sugata reveals that it is Mitsuki’s dark aura powering the abomination. The other girls start to slowly slaughter the men as the Soharo-zilla snow women kills Tomoki...or at least puts him into a snowball.  Astraea comes up to finish off Tomoki, but Ikaros stops her. The girls force boys into manual labour. Sugata refuses to go near Mikako in the hot bath even though he has to do what she says. Astraea is back at Sugata’s home to mend for her wounds while he says that she should give up. The blue haired girl in Tomoki’s dreams whispers saying that the angeloids are her daughters.

Impressions: Hmmm... is the blue haired girl Nymph when she grows older? Well, that is my best guess, although many people say the manga already revealed her identity. The episode was okay. In this shows outrageous trends of stories, it is nothing special. There is some further plot involvement with the blue haired girl, and Astraea giving us a look at his master’s face, but that is it. Nothing special comes in to the episode that really kicks. I guess I can tell you how I liked the training montage on Astraea at end.  Did it however help her though? No. In addition, the fact that Astraea is frightened of Ikaros really makes me wonder who is stronger. Given that Astraea is a battle type, people would think she is stronger, but no, I guess Tomoki just has another defence mechanism to protect him against her beside her own stupidity. I can tell that Mikako will be the one powering Astraea’s ero situations now that she calls her master.

I find Astraea as quite bland now. Her constant fumbling and weakness to stand up against Ikaros makes me feel that she going to act the same as Nymph and betray her master. Sugata hints at that. She only furthered the plot by a millimetre as far as I know, and I have no idea where she is going or when she will prove to be useful for once. Tomoki already bluntly sees her not dangerous after just three episodes when they encountered.

The only good thing here was a few of the boy’s betrayal of Tomoki. I swell, not all boys are the same as Tomoki and I really like it how Sugata shows that when he turns down a chance to go near Mikako. Even I would have trouble restraining myself if it turns to that. I also like how Mitsuki’s will to stop Tomoki’s ero motives holds no bounds. She makes a monster out of herself just to stop Tomoki at the end. She looks like Godzilla how she comes and goes to stop the evil monster we know as Tomoki. The snowwomen however is cute in my eyes compared to the king of the monsters.     

Sayonara Sohara-zilla!


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