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Sora no Otoshimono forte - Episode 02

Finally... Tomoki has decided to do mankind justice by trying to rid himself of his lustful desires.
That just makes this anime a hundred times better...
Summary: The episode starts off when Tomoki finds himself having lustful desires with inhuman things (Yeah, when did Nymph suddenly become attractive?). He goes to a temple to train his mind and body to resist all those desires. When he is meditating, he is confronted by an Angeloid. The Angeloid is about to destroy Tomoki when she suddenly trips. Tomoki ignores her and meditates to the waterfalls. The angeloid follows him. The angeloid joins in on his training to becoming neutral in his desires.
Why are they censoring pants? They never had a big deal before,  unless Astraea's pants have a hole in front of her.......................................................................okay, never mind.
Nymph, Ikaros and Mitsuki come and visit Tomoki. Tomoki is about to bury his porn magazines and decides to take one last look, however Nymph sees it. She thinks Tomoki has desires for her, but he disagrees by saying nobody would have desires with those boobs. Nymph shows him herself 5 years later, only to see she hasn't grown at all. She tries it again until she has white hair, but she still has’nt grown. She runs off. Ikaros comes to see Tomoki, but Tomoki doesn't want to Ikaros to see him like this and starts saying his porn magazines are dangerous. Ikaros quickly destroys his magazines (The best thing Ikaros has ever done to help Tomoki...ever). Next, Tomoki continues to bury his porn magazines when Astraea appears and turn herself into a porn magazine to catch Tomoki offguard. The plan completely backfires (You have to see some Astraea fanservice yourself because I’m not showing it!). Tomoki wanting to turn the last page needs scissors, luckily Mistuki gladly has one able to cut bamboo in one swipe! Tomoki dies (well not literally). Astraea helps Tomoki by given him food, but says she put food poison in it. Being the fool she is, Astraea forgets to add it and demands he give the food back. They struggle on until Tomoki and Astaea falls unconscious. Tomoki’s grandpa  shows up and tells him that it doesn't matter if it’s a thing or human as long as theres boobs (Your grandpa is an ***hole!). The next thing Tomoki becomes Shaka (My character avatar) and shows Astraea’s his version of the six paths that human come across after death. Astraea flies away. Tomoki goes back to his house mopping. Ikaros wanting his master to be happy, revives his porn magazines or rather gives them life. The porns magazines then go off to celebrate their revival. Astraea crashes near Sugata’s place. Sugata overhears Astraea’s mission and he demands she tell him more.  

Impressions: Yeah, this could be the best episode this series has ever had, or maybe an episode devoted to fans who hate Tomoki and everything ecchi about this anime. That was not to say this episode did not had fanservice, but it was really low tone compared to other episodes. Astraea came in, but did anyone thought she would pose a threat? *silence. Yeah, she proved to be the one the fanservice was centered around. However some Nymph stuff suddenly is being thrown to the mix. Tomoki’s tradition of being 90% chibi in episodes shows once again. This time, I did not mind as much being that he was training not to become an ero, so it’s okay. The opening (Yeah, we did not got cheated) showed a lot of plot of whats to come, but the plot is probably going to be 10% of the entire series as this episode once again showed another tradition of putting plot in front and at the ending of the show (hmmm... It seems I can just watch the first and end and I would not get stuck from the plot!). Ikaros has another watermelon again, although I don’t why, (please explain show). I could talk about them rehashing the same repetitive things over and over again (porn parade, there I said it, are you happy now), but overall this was a good episode. The only bad thing was that his grandpa had to ruin it by saying its okay to have desires against fembots. I serious hope that Tomoki’s grandpa does not become another tradition, because it could possibly be the new worst thing to come. 


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