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Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Episode 03

I have no idea how their imagination created those three black eyeholes

Summary: Eiko, Ika, Chizuru, and their brother are watching a horror TV show at night. Everybody is scared except Ika. She claims she is not scared, because she does not believe in ghosts. The group then decides to go on a bravery test with Sanae, and Goro, but Chizuru has business elsewhere. Sanae is eager to go, so that when Ika is scared, she will embrace her. However, Ika is not scared and trudges on in front. Sanae wanting her to be scared, decides to throw a rock, but that only scares Goro. Sanae and Goro both start yelling at each other with the Aizawa siblings to calm them down. Ika goes missing however, because she marched on ahead without them. Ika, not able to find her way back decides to illuminate herself, so the others will find her.  They do, but they think she is a ghost and runs away. Ika starts blinking to get them to notice her, but they all run off. Finally, a group of real ghost comes and guide Ika to where she can recognize the path. Ika waves goodbye not knowing they were really ghosts as they disappear. The gang after, took a picture of Ika while she is glowing and believe it as a real ghost. Ika lies on the table saying there is no such thing as ghost.

hahahahahaha that is funny
Ika goes off to play with Takeru. Ika decides to go very far away from the coast. Takeru thinks it is a little too deep though. However, Ika considers it shallow when she has her tentacles at the bottom of the sea. Takeru envies Ika by how she is capable of ruling land and water. Ika disagrees to him, saying that the deep sea is full of hungry predators. First, she eats a few shrimps and is the predator of the food chain. All of a sudden, a bigger fish arrives and she becomes the prey. As Ika is remembering a few of her moments at sea, three inflated killer whale shows up. She thinks they are real killer whales wanting to eat her. Ika decides to go back and pops Takeru’s inflated ring boat. Goro comes to save him. On land, Takeru complains that he needs to learn how to swim, since he leaves so close to the coast. Goro is busy, but Chizuru charms him in teaching Takeru. Ika agrees saying they need to learn how to swim fast, so they can avoid the killer whales. Takeru is holding his breath for about a minute when Ika complains it is too short. Ika holds her breathe so long that the two ignore her. Takeru tries to use his leg and hands to swim, but Ika tells him he does not need to use his limbs. Ika show him how she swims, but they argue that she has tentacles. Goro provokes Ika to swim using her arms and legs. She tries, but fails miserably. At the end of the allowed spot to swim, Ika tries using her legs to swim. She is suddenly shocked to see all her natural enemies, and an inflated banana. In the beach house, Eiko is wondering what is wrong with Ika today. Takeru believes she just wants to play with an inflated dolphin. Ika is scared, and swims back to the surface. Takeru holding a fake killer dolphin meets her. She faints. Later she realizes they were inflated.
Muhahahahahaha. Although why are there flying lobsters around?

Saito Nagisa is a girl who loves swimming and surfing. She decides to work at Lemon, so she can surf near the beach all day. Eiko, and Chizuru introduce her to Ika, and she starts freaking out. She is the only person who in reality, is horrified at Ika, and even tries to call the police. Ika is delighted that she is afraid of her, and begins making her fear her even more. Eiko, and Chizuru however try to convince her that Ika is not scary at all, and wants her to give the job a try. During work hour: Goro accuses Ika eating his shrimps with a marking on her lip as proof, Sanae wraps herself around Ika, and kids start playing with Ika’s tentacles. Despite all the people who see Ika as no threat, Nagisa still assumes Ika dangerous. Eiko hands Nagisa a rod with a shrimp on it to lure Ika, but Nagisa says she is not foolish enough for someone to lure her. Ika however does eat the shrimp. Ika weeps believing Nagisa is convinced she is no threat to humanity, yet she still does. Ika is overjoyed and hugs Nagisa, but she slaps her across the beach. Ika is still happy though that Nagisa still fears her though.

Impressions: This was a nice good episode. This was humorous; because of how Ika is not, scared of ghost, yet all the other people (Even the masculine Goro) was completely terrified of them. We finally found out why Ika glows in the opening. The way she glows is neat, and how the gang sees her as a three black eye-holed ghost was crying-out-loud-funny. Although Ika, faced with real ghosts has that very innocent look on her face that makes her adorable.

Now if you thought that kind of interpretation of reality was enjoyable. Ika’s imagination on a plain old inflated animal was killer (Literally). I would definitely know why she is scared of killer whales though, but inflated bananas as something she has not even seen before could concoct a twisted monstrosity in mind is so strange. Still, she I agree Ika is still cool with how she uses her tentacles for multiple purposes. Although, I wish I could say the same for her arms and legs lol.

The final story involves a new character named Nagisa. She is a person who is scared of Ika, but it is quite ironic how Sanae loves her so much. I cannot wait for to come up in later episodes.    

P.S What is with those two men with muscles at the time Ika was holding her breath were doing? 


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