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Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Episode 02

Muhahahaha. Welcome to the Japan Ika Musume. I instantly like Nagatsuki Sanae. 

Summary: The first part talks about a lifeguard called, Arashiyama Goro. He comes to save Ika Musume from drowning, which she cannot possibly do. The two introduce each other and instantly become friends. Ika misunderstands Goro’s “way of protecting the ocean” when he shows him what he does. Goro asks what Ika Musume does to protect the sea, and she realizes she did nothing. Utterly defeated, she tries to sabotage him by grabbing his leg. He is however on his way to save a little girl though and asks Ika Musume to help. She helps, and he pats her on the head thanking her. This was not however her intention and she runs off.

The second part deals with Ika wanting to have a birthday having witness one. She decides that today is her birthday and the group plans a party for her. She sits out in the sidelines as they prepare the party for her. She thinks for a moment that they are planning to eat her and she is scared to death. However, that is not the case as they plan a small party for her with some confetti blowers. Eiko wonders how many candles she should put on Ika’s cake. Ika grabs the candles, and plants as much candles to make her over twenty years old. She cannot blow the candles however, and instead, splatters squid ink on the cake. They go out to set some fireworks that Takeru gave as a present. Ika acts out as a kid despite the number of candles she put and even sets fire to her head. Out of coincidence, and not intended for Ika’s birthday, the second part ends with fireworks from far away.

The third part introduces a girl named Nagatsuki Sanae with her dog. Eiko likes dogs. She hugs the dog all over, and brags that it is cuter than Ika. Out of jealousy, Ika says she is cuter and demands they treat her the same way as the dog. Chizuru grants her that wish by putting a collar on her neck. Ika does some dog tricks and immediately wants to return to her usually status. Sanae looks at Ika with great cuteness. Later Eiko and Ika Musume visit Sanae’s house. Sanae remembers that she has to walk her dog. Eiko volunteers to do it for her leaving Ika and Sanae alone together. Ika finds a book of images of her. Sanae asks if Ika would help her finish her photo collection. Eiko wonders how Ika and Sanae are doing when she thinks Ika will do bad stuff to Sanae, and immediately rushes back. However, Sanae is taking photos of Ika with different costumes. Eiko and Ika leave Sanae’s house together. A photocopier prints out all the images of Ika. Sanae looks at one of the images would a grin on her face.

Impressions: This was a good episode. The first part was definitely lacking a little bit from the first two. I could have sworn there would have been a better introduction to Goro, but they just showed off his lifesaver lifeguard traits with Ika being jealous of him. It was not bad at all, but still not better than the other parts. At least I know how Ika swims. She just uses her tentacles to push herself.  She probably has unlimited air supply, but I wonder what kind of exercises she does. She was only on the surface for a few days and she has to do surface exercises?

The second part was funnier. I definitely laughed when she could not blow a single candle off given that she is from the ocean (I just learned how to breath air!), but instead smudged it with squid ink. I wonder how it would taste, Chocolate maybe. The fireworks were enjoyable too. Ika shows them all how to light candles, even though she is a squid and squids do not like fire. A fact Ika proved later.

The third part was the best. Sanae was a stalker character that just wants to take photos of Ika. She reminds me of Hata Ranko, although I do not know if she can top her, but I hope there will be more of her later on. A photographer who just wants to take pictures is just so intriguing to watch. You never know what lengths they take to uncover the truth. I wish I could enjoy them in real life though.

P.S Ika was clearly the person who holds it all together. Her cute faces are just so adorable.           


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