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Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Episode 01

I'm going to conquer the world - de geso!

Impressions: Awe, Isn’t she cute! Ika Musume is as a squid girl who has come to surface world to conquer humanity for polluting the ocean. Instantly, the humans do not take that idea seriously, but to Ika Musume, she thinks she can fight against them all! Keep fighting Ika Musume, I`ve got your back! I`m not going to make a summary, because the anime is split up into three parts each in one episode, but rather I’m going to  be talking into each parts. This is just the introductory to Ika Musume. Due to her AWESOME of power, speed and delicacy in her tentacles, she destroys a wall from the restaurant (Lemon) and has to pay for the damages by serving as a waiter (CHILD LABOUR).

 The next part of the episode is the introduction of the Aizawa Eiko’s little brother. He tries to play with the tentacles of Ika. She tries to make him his subordinate and they try to conquer the world Lemon restaurant. Eiko quickly identifies the boy as her brother, Takeru and Ika bugs him off. Takeru however tries to get close to Ika by wearing a squid helmet. He gets some paper, a fan and is able to fool Ika. Suddenly though wind blows the squid cap off and Ika is sad because her brethren died (*sniff poor Ika...). I instantly do not like Takeru. He does not seem interesting at all and I am more interested in the other male person who is going to be in this show. 

The last part of the episode introduces Aizawa Chizuru. At first, Ika believes she is kind person. She however sneezes at her, because it is cold and rain. Squid ink comes out (Look at the face with some squid ink in her mouth!) and Chizuru goes to dry it off. Just then, Ika suddenly realizes there is almost nobody in the Lemon restaurant because it is raining, so she immediately starts her plan show world domination by taking over the restaurant. Ika has Eiko and Takeru as hostages, but then suddenly Chizuru comes in busting some kung-fu stuff at Ika and quickly cuts her tentacles off (poor Ika!). They then make squid ink spaghetti as a restaurant item and force Ika to spits out the ink. *cough Child Labour..... Aizawa Chizuru, Ika Musume’s number 1 problem in global domination.

P.S This seems to a fun one to blog. Although I cannot seem to find a good format to blog it, so I tried this format out but it did not seem to fit, so I am going to figure out another formula see try it out. 


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