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Shinrei Tantei Yakumo - Episode 03

Why was the boy so foolish...Now he is eaten by a bunch of evil ghost.

Summary: Haruka comes to Yakumo`s apartment to see if a spirit possesses her. He is not here so she waits. A reporter asks Gotou to look at a photo. He looks at it, and immediately goes to Yakumo’s apartment. Yakumo arrives to find both Haruka and Gotou in his apartment. First Haruka asks him if ghosts from a tunnel possess her right now, but he says no. She then wants him to look at his senior if he is possessed, but he starts making money calls. Gotou then shows him a picture of a boy in the photo. They go to the place where the picture is at, as Yakumo gives Gotou a shovel to start digging. Gotou hopes that the boy is still alive. Yakumo says there is thin chance, because the boy’s spirit might come out of his body by accident. Their chances are lost, as they find a hand. Gotou takes the body to the bone doctor and finds the suspect to be of charge. The reporter from before then calls him saying the culprit is under arrest. At his room, Yakumo inspects Haruka’s friend, Nakahara Tatsuya. When he says he is not possessed, Tatsuya is relieved, but finds the picture with body as a ghost haunting. Yakumo then calls Gotou suspecting him to be an quittance in the crime, because of how he reacted to the picture. Gotou then receives news of his named called out by the arrested person. Yakumo goes back to his apartment to find Haruka and Tatsuya gone. He calls Gotou to come immediately.

Haruka and Tatsuya  are driving in a car when all of sudden, Nakahara is unable to move. Haruk calls Yakumo for Yakumo`s help. While they are driving, Gotou`s car attempts to go close to the Nakahara`s car for Yakumo to parley with the spirit. He warns the boy to stop, because he will be lost forever in the tunnel, but he ignores. Yakumo fails, so Gotou rams Nakahara`s car in order for it to stop. In the tunnel, Yakumo looks at the spirit. The boy wants him to help, but he is unable to. Yakumo is sad, because he feels he is helpless at times.

Impressions: Wow... this was a sad episode indeed. In the beginning, it felt morbid, because of how a person crashes his car. The next thing is Haruka shows up thinking she has ghost inside her. That can`t be a good sign. In addition, Gotou also has his own problem with a lost kid. The episode then is still catching my interest when suddenly a car chase comes to play. I did not think of this as an action oriented show, so it surprised me a little. The biggest thing was we finally see why Yakumo is sad all the time and does not want to be involved in ghost business. Seeing a ghost`s fate is truly sad. I now realize why there are so many maidens in many anime shows meant to defeat evil ghosts. I find all of it quite intriguing to watch, so this was a good episode 3.


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