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Shinrei Tantei Yakumo - Episode 02

She is deaf, but yet she is always smiling! I can look at her all  day. 
Summary: Yakumo just gained 25,000,000 yen from Miki’s father for saving Miki last episode ago. Ozawa-san, no longer needs to see Yakumo ever again, because she finished her debt. In her home, two people wanting to connect the East and Western shrines together, comes to visit her. They heard reports that a fox god is occupying the eastern shrine. Ozawa goes to check it out, as she discovers a fox spirit. She runs off and finds Yakumo’s uncle. He seems to have a crimson eye, but when he tries to look for the fox god, he reveals that it is a fake in order to feel the pain Yakumo has. They go to Yakumo’s home and his uncle introduces her to his cousin Nao, who is deaf. The next night, Ozawa and one of the businesspersons go to the eastern shrine. They hear a women’s voice, as the street light suddenly explodes. Yakumo once again saves Ozawa from the blast as he reveals that the ghosts in the premise are not causing the blast or the voice. The electronic wires from the thing at caused the sounds lead to a shack. Inside the building is the associate of Mr.Irie admitting he does not agree to the construction of the shrines. He tells them that Mr.Iree had a lover who he accidently stood up due to confusion, and died sadly not meeting him. Yakumo tells him that he can see spirits and that she is waiting for him. The fox spirit reveals her mask as Mr.Irie finally meets her. The next day, Ozawa says she wants to be honest to herself from on. A laptop showing some girls comes up as a man looks at them declaring them as possible candidates. A women raises a glass on the man`s revival of his daughter.

Impressions: The story in the episode was captivating. We got to meet Yakumo`s uncle and cousin. His cousin, Nao is just so cute to look at. I wonder if she just smiles to everybody and all the time. It reminds of xxxHolic in a way too. However the roles are reverse with a male being the spirit person, and a female to be an observer. This was an enjoyable episode, but not much uniqueness to the anime. I think the next episode will come to the plot, but it is a given.


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