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Shinrei Tantei Yakumo - Episode 01

I see dead people

Summary: Saitou Yakumo is a boy capable of seeing and talking to ghosts. One day, a girl named Ozawa Haruka comes to visit him. She explains to him that she and her friends one night took a dare to go to the forbidden old school building. They try to take a picture when suddenly ghosts started to coming up to them. She tells him that a ghost is possessing one of her friends and that one of them committed suicide. Saitou helps her in her case by visiting her friend. After they visited her friend, yet another of her friends that visited the school building also committed suicide. Yakumo finds some evidence that her teacher in charge of watching the school building is the culprit. He gives some fingerprints to a detective named Gotou Kazutoshi and he finds out that the fingerprints match with the items Yakumo found. However, the teacher kidnaps Haruka and he tries to kill her. Yakumo goes to rescue her. He finds her tied up and begins releasing the ropes. The teacher hits him with a bat revealing his crimson eye that allows him to see ghosts. The teacher runs off and lights the building on fire, but unfortunately, the detective captures him. Yakumo and Haruka runto the rooftop as they wait for the fire trucks to come. Yakumo then proceeds to let Haruka see her sister that had died by a car crash. Her sister tells her it was not her fault and tells her to live happy. Haruka cries with happiness.    

Impressions: This seems to be a very interesting anime. I will keep a close eye on this one if I chose to blog it. The show contains cool story to it, and will most likely try to be the mystery anime of the season. I like Yakumo. He reminds me of Light (Raito) from Death Note with those red eyes and the abilite to solve mysteries. He does have a coolness factor to him, which I like. Haruka seems to be a nice girl. The anime did not focus on her for the first episode though, so I still have some doubts if she becomes a very annoying character.

Expectations: I have some thoughts about it being an episodic show, but the cliffhanger at the end gives me doubts about that. I HOPE there will not be a love relationship with Yakumo and Haruka. I think a show of this genre does not really need to push for a mainstream idea.   


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