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Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt - Episode 02

Looks can be decieving

Summary: The first story is from a client, a principle at a school who says certain students have been disappearing. Garterbelt accepts the off and the girl go to high school to find a ghost. They come with their car literally breaking the wall. All the guys look at them and a boy wearing a bee hive on his head runs and trips. He sees Panty like the picture above. Next, a generic blonde girl shows up who dominates the school. She basically tells them to leave the school alone because it is controlled by her. However, they ignore her. Panty and Stocking justeasily makes the school fall head over heads to them as the blonde girl's throne to being queen gets overtaken. When boys finally start transferring the blonde girls toys to Panty and Stocking the blonde comes in and takes them away. The boy with the bee hive from before talks to Panty and Stocking to them of his missing friends. The three of them go to the school's football field with the guy leading away tracking the ghost with a PKE meter (Who are you gonna call? Panty and Stocking!). Next up the blonde girl shows up as literally the queen bee. She controls the football students with bees , but Panty and Stocking quickly annihilate them all. The queen is destroyed and the girls gain 11 heaven's coins. Panty goes on a celebration by having sex with all the jocks.

Episode two is about Panty and Stocking becoming actors and having their own movie, "Sex and the Daten City". Panty goes completely famous and Stocking hopes she doesn't ruin the movie with some media scandal. The movie's opening night starts off, but when the announcer says it is Panty's debut movie, she quickly denies, and shows the entire audience a porn movie starring her. Panty is dumbfounded, so Stocking tells her she ruined their chances of being in the movie. Panty's solution is even more foolish as their dog eats the copy, however there could be more copies of the movie. Stocking helps Panty by making a checklist of all the people who have copies of the movie and they go for a hunt to quickly wipe out all evidence of Panty being in a porno film. The last copy is in space and the two save it for them to watch in a later time. The opening to "Sex and the Daten City" starts off again, but this time Panty is saying its her first movie. When Stocking comments how much she appreciates being in the movie, Panty tells her that she won't be in the movie as she convinced the director to do so. Stocking however goes to the computer and uploads Panty's porn movie. 

Impressions: Yeah, the second episode wasn't nearly as good as the first one, but thats what you think from a company who made Gurren Laggan. There episode if you didn't had those expectations, was pretty good. I bet a lot of people wanted more pole dancing transformation scen, but too much of those will make the anime more like a regular kind of anime style I guess. The girls seem to fighting monster that are given more and more heaven's coins. I can only guess that they'll back to heaven once they collect enough, but the second part of the episode was purely out of parody fun and probably nothing pertinent to the plot. All in all, pretty good, but not as exciting.


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