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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 04

Evil Suskihotaru is the reason you should watch this.

Summary: Agemaki and Riken are practicing their kendo. Zakuro watches them afar as Suskihotaru arrives suggesting she should give them a towel, because they are tired. Zakuro runs off and Suskihotaru quickly does the same. The episode starts up when Kushimatsu sends the Spirit Affairs group to a mission, all except Zakuro and Agemaki, because they already went on a mission last time. The crew arrive via the train and they go into a weapons shop. They meet a half-demon or half-human called Mugi. A woman named Orikata Aya reveals to them a sword that she accepted, because of the delicate blade’s fine steel, yet it has an ominous aura not allowing her to sell it. Riken wants to grab it, but Suskihotaru denies him of it. Suskihotaru trembles at the sight of the sword and goes away. Riken visits him, but she does want to tell him of what her power is. Soon, Mugi goes and shows Suskihotaru her comb from her mother. Suskihotaru touches the comb and watches what had transpired as to why Mugi is alone. She tells Mugi that if she is a good girl, her mother will come back. Riken questions how she is able to know about Mugi’s mother and she tells him of her hidden power. Mugi tries to be a good girl by trying to take the sword to the group. Suskihotaru immediately stops her, but the sword drops into Suskihotaru’s hand. Her personality turns wicked and starts attacking Riken and Mugi. Riken tries to stop her while Aya tries to protect Mugi. Riken is injured and she starts turning towards Aya and Mugi. She looks at them and starts reminiscing about the same situation of Mugi’s mother. As she hesitates, Riken grabs the sword injuring his hand, but Suskihotaru reverts to herself. After, Ganryuu and the twins come back after some investigation. Ganryuu wants to see how Riken is doing, but the twins stop him, because they do not want to interrupt them. Meanwhile, Suskihotaru bandages Riken’s wounded hand. She sadly tells him that the sword has the ability to turn anyone into a killer. Riken reassures her and tells her to sense how he truly feels. The group starts to leave to take the sword back to headquarters. Mugi ties to see Suskihotaru off. Suskihotaru tells Mugi that she is a good girl as she cries. At the train, Riken and Mugi start to hold each other’s hands. In the Spirit Affairs center, the three boys are practicing kendo. Zakuro is surprised by not Bonbori and Hoozuki, but by Suskihotaru handing out a towel to Riken. Mamezo considers Zakuro to take a towel to Agemaki. She does so by throwing it from the second floor down to him.

Impressions: This episode makes up for major lack in Riken and Suskihotaru last episode. Unlike Zakuro and Agemaki, Riken and Suski actually do become as close as lovers do. This is really is a good episode, because it does so without making it feel rushed that they do come close to each other. Although, I might say that Suskihotaru`s power is a plot thread that sped up the process, it also proved to be a bad thing, because people are scared of her hidden powers. Suskihotaru has some character development this time when the sturdy silent but caring Riken goes to help her by standing beside her. The sword proved to be something deadly when it touches Suskihotaru turning her into a cold blood killer. The sword could come into play later on into the series. I liked that this episode not only wrapped up the relationship with Suksihotaru and Riken given the short amount of time in this series, but also lead to further plot development. Kushimatsu once again is scared to send Zakuro, because of something. The two evil doers showing up in this episode solidify this. Next episode seems to be the same in relationship to this episode. Ganryuu finally has his turn! However, the show has only showed off some cute Bonbori and Hoozuki moments with him. Suskihotaru and Riken actually had the subtle relationship that finally flourishes. With the three however, I do not see any love relationship in this series so far, so I wonder if they are really going to finish off with them already. I do admit I would like an extra episode to make sure, but I will see how they do in the next episode.


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