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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 03

Bravo, Bravo! What? That is not how its done?
Summary: Garyuu as well as Hoozuki, and Bonbori head on their mission with Zakuro watching from the stairs. Zakuro argues to Kushimatsu about all the other people heading off to missions except her. Kushimatsu says she cannot journey on a trip when she cannot co-operate with her companion. A village elder arrives and Zakuro spots him. The elder of a village talks to Kushimatsu about girls disappearing and Zakuro who was spying on the meeting along with Agemaki barges in, accepting his request to investigate the occurrence. Agemaki, Mamezo, and Zakuro head off via train to the village. The elder shows them their room. Zakuro quickly creates a barrier however blocking their beds. At night, Agemaki discusses with Zakuro about humans who were spirited away, and that they come back having a fox spirit baby. Zakuro’s mother was spirited away twice. The second time, she did not come back, and that answer is the same for Susuki, Hoozuki, Bonbori and herself are together. Back to Kushimatsu, she is worried about Zakuro. The next day, they search the village for any strange place, but find nothing odd. They play with some kids along the way, but suddenly a voice calls Zakuro near her. Agemaki snaps her back and they go back in the inn. At night, the voice calls Zakuro again, and she walks out at night. Agemaki pursues her taking his saber and Mamezo along. He spots a giant fox spirit on the way. Two people watch closely at Zakuro as she goes to a cave. The fox spirit chases them away just as Agemaki grabs Zakuro’s hand giving her consciousness again. The two ventures into the cave filled with bones. A giant blob monster comes from behind as Zakuro parries his attack. Zakuro takes out her dagger, but wants Agemaki to help. He starts singing, but Zakuro tells him he does not need to. A smell alerts the two, who the monster states are rotten corpse from dead women and girls. Agemaki rushes in, but the monster grabs him. Just as the monster is about to devour him, Zakuro pierces his forehead. The two head back together. Agemaki states Zakuro saves him all the time, but she says denies it by saying that is not always the case. Back at home, Kushimatsu tells the elephant elder they have started moving and luring Zakuro. 

Impression: This was a nice character development for Zakuro. Not only does it signify some reasons why she is half spirit half human, but also the reason why they are all together, because they were half-humans who lost their parents. Agemaki shows some manly aspects around, by actually busting into suicide to attack the monster. Kushimatsu is having a more vital role in this than I presume, and I swear I think she is Zakuro`s mother in some way or form with how she cares for her. Mamezo has been escaping my blog posts, but this time around, he really is showing a strange vibe with how he latches onto Agemaki like that. There was barely any Bonbori, Hoozuki, Ganryuu and Susuki in this episode, and a no show Rikan. This tells me they will have their own back later on. I am particularly interested in the twins (uuhhh... not because they`re cute).

The fighting scene STILL brings me laughing. This time, Agemaki makes fun of it by singing along since the three other female demons absence. She does not even need it probably because this is an evil demon or so, but personally, I think they do not need it at all! Why do they need the singing? Explain show! Agemaki’s weapon is a saber, but it too dull compared to Zakuro’s small dagger. What happened to westernization? Do they not have guns?

Anyway, we see the main plot unfolding as a group of half-spirits try to catch Zakuro. I can see the half-spirits are rebelling against humanity as they shunned them and they want Zakuro to join them. That is my best guest. Kushimatsu seems to have something to do with, so I hope they show her back story of how she met Zakuro soon.   


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