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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 01

Anybody else getting Ouran High School Host Club vibes?

Impressions: Wow this was a much better show that I had originally perceives it to be. The overall plot is that humans and spiritual beasts have join together in order to vanquish some renegade youkai. It seems simple, but the characters are what make it so much worth it to watch as they try to get along with the youkai. The first human is Hanakiri Ganryuu who seems to have a bishounen look on him. He might look girlish, but got lucky with his companions being the two blonde twins Hoozuki, and Bonbori who are really fun to watch as they try to please Hanakiri anyway they can. It seems Hanakiri will be a victim to their girlish youkai teasing (Lucky or not?). The second human is Yoshinokazura Riken, a somewhat tall and scary person described by Susuki Hotaru his companion. Although he’s a really kind person given what I saw in the anime. I like Susuki Hotaru too. I can’t wait to see their relationship unfold. The last of the pairings is Agemaki Kei, the person who’s most fun to watch, because he has a phobia of youkai, yet unfortunately gets put up with this cooperative mission. I see him run around, and it gives me so much familiarity with Tamaki in Host Club. Even his voice sounds the same, yet it’s a different voice actor. Although Kei is not the only one amusing as Zakuro his partner is equally fun to watch. At first she starts rejecting the idea of humans working along with them, but after some awesome misunderstood charming, she gets all flustered up and starts seeing Kei as his love (not yet though, but it’s definitely  a given).

I hope it stays like this. I’d like to see more of the night scenes, because the youkai start changing into demon beasts or really attractive humans (Inuyasha anyone?). I would like to know how the humans would help in the battle sequences though. Kei was really brave and all, but what makes him being a lieutenant? He should be out there kicking some youkai butt.

Oh yeah, the youkai battles. Just watch them their hilarious (in an anticlimactic way). They start by getting some Sakura tree branches and singing as Zakuro finished the youkai off in one shot with her youkai blade/tree branch(with a smile at the end too) and that’s it! I can’t see me watching this anime for the action though, but the character interactions, so I could let it slide.

P.S This was a really satisfying show. Maybe it was me letting my expectations go too low, but I’m thinking of blogging this now if the next episode is just as good.
I didn’t do a summary this time, but there wasn’t really much to write about, so its okay. Although, I’ve heard many people from different blogs complain of no summaries.


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