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Motto To Love-Ru - Episode 01

Kotegawa must shine in this anime! SHE MUST!!!

Summary:  For this anime, I am definitely not going to summarize what had transpired. It is just so crazy and out of the world that I cannot POSSIBLY hope to bring myself to summarizing it. Okay, I will try to summarize it in the broadest way I can. Rito is a person who gets into a humongous amount of trouble by the alien princess Lala. He has a crush on on Sairenji-san, but that only left him into a more confusing situation. The chapters that happened was when Lala makes teleporter version 2, Mikan (Rito’s younger sister) tries to get along with the Golden Darkness (Yami), and Kotegawa Yui getting into a situation with Rito, signalling a spark of affection for her.

Impressions: I just like to admit that I was one of those people who did not want to-Love-Ru being cancelled (manga). For that, I think I am one of those few people who were still reading it and I will like say it was satisfying. I am also guessing that I am definitely one of the few people who can possibly like this show. In fact, the show is definitely gear towards us fans, because of the fact that Celine, Momo, and Nana is here without explanation. The characters are back and it just feels so new to me hearing their voices again. It has been so long, but for some reason Nana (or Momo I cannot tell) has an older voice than her sister Lala.

Expectations and Predictions: This is going to be the craziest echhi anime EVER. Well, not ever but prepare to throw away ALL logic from existence and I mean ALL of it. If Rito somehow is able to survive the speed and impact of Lala’s mach speed than he can, because this is To-Love-Ru. I am quite fortunate though that I do not quite remember the manga chapter scenarios, so I can feel the full impact it has on me just as it did on the manga. I already know what had occurred in the manga but I hope they will make a REAL complete ending. I love to know who (or what) Rito is finally going to end up. I hope that they pull towards Kotegawa. Her story was starting to flourish in the manga so I hope Rito ends with her.  


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