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MM! - Episode 04

Wow that was fast. So I guess this is the end.

Impressions: The episode was good and all, in fact, maybe spectacular to boot, but it did not make such a huge hole in me this time. The episode is a Mio focus episode. Mio decides that Tarou needs to fall in love in order to cure his masochism. Basic stuff for any anime if you ask me, yet the whole episode took an extremely serious approach and left me confused. Mio was strikingly enticed in her role. There may be some speculation as to whether she was pretending or not, but it is impossible to tell, since I feel we need another Mio episode in order to make it clear. It seems to be real as Michiru-sempai was hinting at it to be, but Mio goes back to normal acting out as if it was an act all along. Whatever the case, the result had no effect on Tarou’s masochism. Her back-story was teased here I did not like it, especially since they do not seem to be continuing on this episode.

Now many people seem amazed by this episode, but for me, the episode was not nearly as good as last episode. My expectations have risen since then, and I could not feel actually anything great about it. Tarou says it is wrong for someone to kiss somebody if she does not really love him, but that came out of left field and he quickly went to help her after she collapses. I do not find that manly or anything of bold suit, but just a person pissed off at the fact she does not really care about him. Tarou then decides to rush to the hospital at a stupidly rate. Apparently Michiru-sempai was gone or just thinking this would be good bonding or whatever the reason, forces Tarou to run out in the rain for someone having a fever. This could have been touching, but the scene transitioning as I talked about above, confused me to this. What he is thinking in helping her is beyond me. He could just have thought that “a person needs help, you save her”.

Mio to me is very annoying now. Her logic in the dating was okay, but the fact that she kicks him or hits him in any way makes him revert to a masochist. Can she not understand that in order to cure a person from something, you should make him stay away from it? In addition to her non-sensible ways of curing, her ego itself irritates me. She claims herself as the “God” who helps people, but Tarou actually helps her instead. I call this bad tsundere if you asked me. Moreover, she goes and acts all nice, but when he makes a wrong move, she starts hitting him. That ticks me off.

The rest of the characters however had made funny scenes, although I wished it were not this episode that they came in and did their little slide show. The trap, Tatsukichi had made a return, and taken the show to levels of echhi character skits that I had expected originally after episode 3. As much as the part was humorous, it did not flow well with the rest of the episode. Yuuno’s scene also had the same structure, very funny and misinterpreting parts, but out of place. Michiru-sempai was weird in this episode. She felt like she knew what she was doing throughout the episode, but at the end was surprised that Mio stressed herself out. In addition, she seemed emotionless in this episode. I hated it, because I do not like those effortless to act characters.

P.S: Anyways though, I feel that Fukuyama Jun playing this character instead of Keimo in The World God only Knows is understandable now. If he were Keima, then he would act as a low life playing video games, but if he is Tarou, he starts to become a man. I find this role to be more appealing, so I believed that is why he did not took Keima even though I stressed that should.


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