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MM! - Episode 03

Look at how manly he looks, He could be the next Ryoushi

Impressions: Sado Taruo is the FREAKING man! Go masochist powers for the wind! I could now tell you this is nowhere NEAR Kanokon or Ladies vs Butlers. This episode was similar to the two from the start, but as the episode goes on, the serious tone starts overwhelming the ecchi-ness, and it really becomes an anime! This really brings the bar up. I can see each character development over time as they try to fix their phobias, mental/physical disorders or any other oddly character problem and I hope there will be more serious tone episodes like this one later on. Meeting the bastard sempai she used to date, hit Yuuno hard, but Tarou set him straight real good, obviously the highlight of the episode. I find it strange though that a person who abused a girl, just because she scratched him, meaning he does not want his face to be scared, yet he goes and joins the boxing club? He put up a good fight, but Tarou being the man that he is overcomes him with a little help though I must admit. Although hitting the person you want to win with a steel bat hardly counts as helping. I know Tarou could have kept going!

Oh yeah, the ecchi side of the episode! Well, we have the introduction of Yumi as Yuuno’s best friend. She comes out with being a lesbian massager whose parents are also into the department of massaging, and she is nicknamed the genius mass... okay she is just good at massaging people. The episode did not however do much with her character in this episode, because of Yuuno’s male phobia resurfacing. She tries to convince Yuuno to transfer into ann all girls school, but that was quickly stopped at the end of the episode when she herself transferred to Sakaimoto academy. 

There were some bad parts to this episode though. For one, I was dissatisfied with the dream state that went on when Tarou was visiting Yuuno's house. That scene was emotional at the start, but ruining it by showing a puppy was kind of toned it done a bit. Honestly, when he acted like a doggy out of the dream state, I thought he was still delusional! The fight scene was great with how they did not make any corny lines like "this nothing with what I can take with a girl", but they had to ruin it by the somewhat cliché punch at the end. At the end of course Yuuno STILL not cured from her phobia too, which means we are going to have more Taruo punishment. Even with the great character development though, I still do not have a certain heroine I am rooting for like Fortune Arterial this season, but I guess I could say I am rooting for Tarou's mother and sister XD ! Like Bakemonogatari, I bet they will just show some cameo shots as this follows the novel really well.


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