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MM! - Episode 02

Wow, did not expect this, but it is awesome.
Summary: If you have not read my first post, than why are you watching episode 2? Anyway, the reason is that I cannot do this anime justice by summarizing it. The stuff that happens is just fun to watch and I do not want to spoil it.

Impressions: Where do I begin? Well, this is accentually an Arashiko based episode, but there is a lot of funny humour that goes with it though. The first thing Fukuyama Sado finds out is that Arashiko is afraid of boys. The only thing that allows Sado to be close to Arashiko is because she had a dog named Tarou, and Sado’s first name is Tarou. She makes a mental barrier by saying Tarou is his dog or rather, she pretends Tarou (I’m going to say Tarou as his name from now on) is his dog. I like it how Tarou just starts pretending to be a dog, and that he thinks he lowered himself even further down the road of humanity. The next thing is Arashiko asks Tarou to help her study, and Tarou brings Tatsukichi along dressed up as a girl. This follows up with one of the most hilarious parts of the episode. I cannot do it justice. You will have to see it to believe it. When they go to the zoo, my favourite part is when Inami Arashiko punches him and he starts going into a masochist craze INSTANTLY. This came out of nowhere, but it`s funny to boot.

I just realized that this is so much like “WORKING!!”. The whole phobia with boys is a lot like Inami from WORKING. Also, Fukuyama Jun once again plays another main protagonist. Arashiko punches Tarou as if Inami punches Takanashi. However, Tarou happily wants Arashiko to hit him because she is the one that made him into a masochist in the first place, and he finds himself with a problem too with being that he was a masochist. Finally, a pink haired girl who is a friend of Arashiko arrives just because who wants to (Yep that is the explanation).

The one serious thing about this anime is we find out how Arashiko has male phobia, and is not at all like ``WORKING!!``. The scene with her struggling against the boy ends very abruptly, but it makes Tarou angry (picture above) as well as leaves a huge impact on me. Plus, it gives me second thoughts on the direction the shows wants to go to.

P.S: I hope Tarou`s mother and sister is not just a fanservice part like in Bakemonogatari with Araragi`s twin sisters. 


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