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Letter Bee REVERSE - Episode 04

"Until we meet again" oh yeah, had to go with a quote from Jiggy
Summary: While Lag is working on the Lighthouse bell he is disturbed by a menacing voice calling him to stay away. His Grandpa however reassures him and they have tea. When they have breakfast together, Lag and his Grandpa talk about how he needs him to take on preserving the lighthouse bell when he dies. The ghostly voice slowly calls him again, and Lag thinks he hears something. His Grandpa tells him not joke around when he is in the Liquid dessert sands. He tells him he will loathe if he goes away like his Lag's father and mother. Lag reassures him that he is not going anywhere and his grandpa goes to write his journals. Lag lies on his bed contemplating on the voice. Suddenly, dark figure sneaks up behind and he screams. Next thing, Lag is back where he fixed the engine. Lag brings some tea to his grandpa and is amazed at the sight of his journals. His grandpa tells him to have tea with him.

While Lag is changing he notices scars on his body. The door opens up revealing his grandpa having a gun. Meanwhile, Jiggy Pepper is riding the dessert. Lag`s grandpa keeps on shouting hatred, and Lag realizes he does not have a grandpa. The dark figure comes behind and he screams again.

In the center, Zazie, Connor, and Lag are having a conversation about the express bee, Jiggy Pepper. Zazie relishes the chance to ride his bike that is powered by the heart. Connor tells him that is is impossible, because he is too headstrong. Listening to their conversation, Lag suddenly remembers he is a bee. The dark figure begins to clear as it was just Niche and Steak. The three of them stare at the old man who Lag thought was his grandpa. Jiggy Pepper rides up the stair to the Lighthouse noticing the pages filled with memories of the old man. He barges into the top looking at the Gaichuu Korona. Jiggy tells the Gaichuu that is time for dessert as he fires his shindan, Lapis Lazuli. Back where Lag, Niche and Steak are, the old man suddenly disappears. A book with a hole plunged through it lies on the ground. Lag looks at the window and sees Gaichuu Korona. He notices a light realizing it is a shindan and he wonders where he is.

Niche is mad at Lag for ignoring him saying she tried everything she could to wake him up even dropping him twice. The building however is collapsing and they run out. Lag finally remembers that he cross the Liquid Sand river to meet Jiggy Pepper. He recalled spotting the Gaichuu and came inside the building to defeat Korona. However he then recalls that he was swept away from the memories inside and became the old man's grand son. Then he figured out Niche and Lag was the dark figure all along. As they are comming to the end he wonders who was that old man. At the bottom, he finds the book with a hole in the middle and shoots a shindan.

In the flashback panel, the old man had witnessed his father's death. He witnessed his wife's death. He son had married and he had his grand son. However, his son did not want to stay in the lighthouse and he left along with the old man's grand son and his wife. In despair, the old man shot the journal with a gun and rewrote his journals declaring his grand son was still here. As Lag looks at the crumbling tower, Jiggy Pepper talks about the old man's letters to himself filled with hatred. He talks about the old man having died long ago. He says that there was no one to take over, so the books were left there, and the gaichuu was able to feed on the hearts inside the books. He praises Niche for not being affected by the memories though and says his thanks for helping him defeat the gaichuu.

Jiggy then warns Lag he should not be succumbed by the memories he is capable of reading. Lag starts crying as Jiggy tells him that some letter are not aware of the receiver's emotions. Jiggy then lets Lag ride with him back to the center. Lag says his apologies for making him late for his letter delivery, but Jiggy did not mind, because he wanted to meet Lag as well. He tells him about the letters that his sister sent him, and thanks him for saving her. He rides off saying they will meet again.

At Sylvette's place, Zazie is astounded that Lag was able to meet Jiggy. Lag repeats the words Jiggy said to him as he rides Connor. Connor then asks Sylvette when dinner is ready. Sylvette and Niche stare at the boys saying their idiots.

Impressions: Jiggy Pepper is awesome. Nothing else to say. Before I go off on complementing Jiggy's coolness, I want to talk about the overall episode. Well not as good as the last one, but it was unique. The whole story had me confused almost throughout the episode. At first, I thought it was Lag's past and how he had a Grandpa until something happened to him. The dark figure incident was I thought an event that made him lose something important to him. While it would of made for some good character development, the story instead took some strange memories and fused it with Lag. Now to be honest the old man would not have made a big deal, but his past was quite sad. He lost everything and was all alone, trying to alternate his memories. It it very tragic story, since there was no salvation  for him and he ultimately died very lonely. Bottom line, very heart striking and despairing.

Now onto to Jiggy Pepper! Well, first it was very disappointing to see his gun only being shot once to defeat the gaichuu, however, I now learned that his bike is powered by his heart. Now that is even more awesome. Who needs to buy gas? Just power it by the heart and don't waste any more costly money. I wish it was that easy in real life. If you need more power, just plug the engine to your heart and burn it. Jiggy's chat with Lag prety cool too.  His "till we meet again" tag felt extremely relinquishing to Lag as he tried to imitate it, and failed badly. Finally he talked about his sister. We have not heard of them from episode 2 of season one. That is over 20 episodes, so is was good that they tied him in.    


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