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Letter Bee REVERSE - Episode 02

So he becomes drunk because he feels he is not a good entertainer? That came from fifth base

Summary: Niche has concluded that she no longer is suitable for Lag. She watches the city a top a building, as her body rumbles. She thinks it is time for Steak to live up to his name. While Lag on the other hand, is looking for Niche. He asks the green haired juggler, but he does not know. Lag and Connor split up to find her. While Niche is looking for a big fire to put Steak in, the green haired entertainer now drunk, looks at Niche who does not have pants. Niche goes to the Bread/Gun store where they have a good fire. She puts Steak in the fire, but the women discover her. She tries to run away, but the husband catches her, Lag telling her not to harm humans. The couple take care of her and gives her food, Steak not living up to his name. She tells them of her story of not being able to protect Lag. They decide to take her in as their daughter, but all of a sudden, the green haired juggler starts to walk on a rope from one building to another. Lag tries to stop him, but he is scared of heights. The rope breaks and Lag catches the juggler now sobering up as they barely hold on. Niche comes in and helps them fall down safely with Niche grabbing her pants back. Niche is licking Lag's hand as he tells her to go home with him. The gun shop owner and Lag discuss of Gauche and his rifle telling him his gun not being a toy. He gives Lag a red shindan bullet telling him to shoot it at a person who he wants to give a message. Lag and Niche both arrive at Sylvette’s home exhausted and they sleep.

Impressions: Not really what I was looking for in terms of story and all, but it was decent. One thing I forgot to mention from my first post is that usually a shindan flashback panel solves most of the episodes problems, which I though bugged me because of how easily it could solve any problem. I pray it does not come to that, and I liked that they did not try it here. This came off as a character development from the entertainer, who does not mean much, but also the bread/gun shop owners. I could`ve sworn Zazie told Lag of the bread store. I mean come on! Who does not want GOOD soup? The end of the episode shows a portrait of their baby, so I hope they bring back that, because it seems interesting. Anyway, the red shindan bullet seems to be for Gauche. That is all I am looking for in the next episode. 


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