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Letter Bee REVERSE - Episode 01

 You don't mess with Guache
Summary: The anime starts off with Guache stealing the letter from Lag Seeing. Lag tries to convince Gauche to come back to him and meet his sister, Sylvette. Gauche tells Lag that this is the first they met and that he is a marauder named Noir who steals letters. Lag still tries to stop him, but Gauche blasts him with a black shindan. Niche fights with Roda and gets scared. Roda tells Niche that she is a failure in being a dingo having left Lag defenceless. Gauche and Roda walk away. Niche carries the unconscious Lag, but they get picked up Jiggy Pepper. He offers them a ride back to the Bee Hive. Lag reports back what had transpired and leaves to tell Sylvette. Niche wants to redeem herself by going on missions, but Lag is too sad to do so. She offers Steak as a meal, but Lag ignores her. He comes back and gets welcomed by Connor, Sylvette and Aria. Lag is confused, but Sylvette tells him that Aria told him what happened and that she is happy Lag met his brother. They both cry it out and Zazie comes in carrying Niche`s (Lag`s) pants. Niche is on the rooftop of a building saying she is no longer worthy of being Lag`s dingo.

Impressions: That was certainly an impressive episode. For many people, they see this as a boring episode and barely anything happens. For me though, it gives a lot of build up on what’s to come. That is mostly with the foreshadowing of the intro and the all the characters being re-introduced. There was only one person new (Lawrence), but all the regular cast were there though they didn’t had almost any lines (Connor, Zazie, Aria). Although Jiggy Pepper was there, and he was cool looking (who else has a bike! Nobody! Walking is for pansies). All in all an overall slow, but good episode.

Expectations and Predictions: I see this as like the last anime. It might prove to be slow and have some fillers at times, but overall the premise and story are good. I hope Jiggy Pepper gets a way bigger role this time. I see him in the intro and a front face look and I just know he’s someone you shouldn’t mess with (look at that scar. Hell his name sounds cool too). I like the story to move faster a bit as well, hopefully with Gauche and Roda being the prime interval to do so. Definitely more Gauche and Roda please, I love Fukuyama Jun with his serious roles and Roda seems to be more than a match for Niche. However, the next episode seems to gravitate on Niche though, so I’m not really forward to it. Why can’t Niche be a little bit more competent!


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