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Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai - Episode 02

That is all we see in this episode. ELSIE to the core!

Summary: The first half of the episode is purely about Elsie and her efforts to become a good sister. Keima denies her identification of sister. Elsie, the klutz that she is, tries absolutely everything to make him accept that she is his sister. She however makes everything worse by creating horrible food that Keima has a stomach ache over, have Keima’s parents never  talk to each other again, breaking his house wall, and even trying to take a bath with him wait..... is that a bad thing? In the end though, Keima finally accepts the fact that Elsie is her sister, because he wants to take the guillotine collar on his neck off. The second half is about a rich girl with an evil spirit inside of her, Aoyama Mio. Keima does not fear her though, since her kind of character is easy to succumb. Keima starts to prepare his confession speech by practicing against Elsie, but she just flusters on every one of them. He later gives his confession to Mio, but she turns him down not how Keima predicted she would. Keima and Elsie follow her limo to her house, and find out she is not all that rich.

Impressions: The artists making the anime sure want the fan base to be on Elsie. Ninety-percent of the episode was all Elsie fan-service, which could become annoying at times. The manga did not NEARLY emphasise Elsie`s cuteness like the anime. Her part in the manga was subtle, but now with the grace of animation, she has the screen ALL to herself. Well, until Mio arrives. I do not like Mio that much, but her arc was great. I just cannot wait to see some rather embarrassing parts Keima does this time around. The anime overall is following the manga faithfully, although I do not know what to say about Elsie`s rise to fandom to be faithful with the manga or not. There are other characters that I believe should deserve the fandom like Kanon, the librarian, and maybe even dolly.  The animation quality of the episode was fantastic, way better than the other shows J.C Staff are directing. I guess the popular manga takes priority first. There seems to be no problem with the pacing, but I wonder if they will be switching character arcs around as other anime studios sometimes do. Each female arc seems to take about an episode, so I wonder how much they can push into the anime. I have been looking over the character lists on the anime, and I see all the characters I like, so I definitely cannot wait.

P.S Once again, episode 2 anime shows take priority over episode 03        


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