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Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai - Episode 01

Resistance is futile? Like the Borg in Star Trek?

Summary: An anime green haired girl is walking along in the halls as a person follows her. She says to go away, but the person says, “Resistance is futile”. Many events came into past as the green haired girl finally admits to the person she loves him. The boy admits with great confidence that this is the ten thousandth girl captured. We see that the girl was in a game and the teacher questions Katsuragi Keima if the game was more fun than class. Keima tells the the teacher to wait until he goes to a save point and the teachers smacks him the head with a book (Hilarious as always).

Keima finds himself in the halls as he declares his interest in girls. A girl runs into him destroying his PFP. He says that he is not interested in these kinds of girls. The girl asks Katsuragi to clean the roof by himself because she is busy preparing for a track meet and runs off crashing into walls. Katsuragi is then cleaning the roof all by himself, but decides to check his emails. He is known as the Capturing God and answers all the questions of people who are having trouble with games. He gets an odd email, saying he has a girl to capture in order for him to prove he is the capturing God. He interprets it as a challenge and accepts saying that God does not back down. Lightning strikes the roof as a girl holding a broom pops up. She thanks the God for accepting the contract and they fly away. They are in the classroom as the girl looks out. Keima calms down from reality and saves his game. He asks her name. She replies by naming herself Elucia de Lut Ima, but people can call her Elci. She is a demon from hell trying to capture loose souls. Keima tries to leaves, but Elci warns him that his head would come off from the collar he wears if he does not capture souls written in the contract he signed. Elci searches outside and finds one. She says the loose soul is hiding inside Ayumi Takahara. Elci explains that in order to capture loose souls, the person needs to fill the void within their heart with love. Only then will the loose soul come out. Keima says he never even touched a real girl before, and Elci starts crying. He demands she remove the collar from him, but Elci tells him that they`ll both die if they don`t fulfil their duty.

Elci and Keima both sit down watching the track team practice. Elci questions if Keima can do the same to capture hearts in reality as he does in games. He tells her that reality and games are completely different. He describes girls need to put on a hair band in order to put effort. Ayumi then does so, but Keima still declares they need bloomers in order for him to capture them. Elci magically puts on bloomers on the track team as they yell in surprise. Keima finally decides to capture Ayumi’s heart. The next day, Ayumi see bands cheering her and sees its Katsuragi`s doing. Ayumi quickly hits him and goes away. Keima does the same thing again the next day saying to Elci the more encounters there are, the more their relationship builds. He continues to do this two more days but Ayumi ignores it. Elci questions if it is working, but Keima tells her that hate can quickly turn to love. The upperclassmen calls Ayumi and scolds her for running first before them, and is punished by running thirty laps. After she finally finished her friends complain how the upperclassmen are tough and that Keima is no better. Ayumi does not mind. The next day, Katsuragi puts advertising balloons to cheer Ayumi. Elci announces the track meeting is tomorrow and that if she wins, he`ll fall in love with him. Ayumi suddenly falls and sprains her ankle. She loathes about as Elci declares there is no way they could catch her. However, Keima says different and tell Elci that he can “see the ending”.

At night, Ayumi asks why Keima called her on the school steps. She questions why he sends her a gift basket cheering her on even though she is injured. He replies that she can eat it for tomorrow’s track meet. She throws an apple at him. She re-implies her injury to him. However, he tells her she isn't injured as she was not going as fast as possible, because she did not tie her hair. She throws away her stand and tells how she could not get any better with her track times. She says its best that she does not go and that she cannot run anymore and starts crying. However, Keima says to run her fastest and declares she is ranked one in his mind. She continues to throw apples at him, but then finds running shoes Keima bought for her. She asks if he will go to the track meet to cheer her. He says yes, and she thanks him. Keima suddenly trips as Ayumi catches and kisses him. The loose soul pops out and Elci captures it in a bottle. Ayumi wins the bottle, and the upperclassman congratulates her along with Keima. Katsuragi tells us that Ayumi lost all her memories. He suddenly wonders where Elci is, but classmates interrupt him wondering where he kept "her". Elci has just moved into his class.

Impressions: Okay, this is definitely the best anime adaption so far. I remember myself saying that this should be an anime and was happy it was announce. Although, I completely forgot how the first story was very absurd. Putting giant cheering bands on the school to cheer Ayumi, what game did Katsuragi play in order to get that idea? I am sure the logic is okay, but I wonder if he can do so normally (do not fear, he starts doing naturally things later on instead of extremely embarrassing ones right now). The story with Takahara was as big as an impact as it was in the manga. Actually, I think the anime is better, because of ACTUALLY voices with emphasis and music playing to go with the mood. Yeah, you can wonder how I wanted this to be an anime. Overall the anime adaption is staying close to the material is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, making it more awesome and putting voices in with some pretty good animation quality as well.

The only thing I wanted them to put in my opinion was Fukuyama Jun playing Katsuragi Keima. Only then, will I admit that he is the Capturing God! I mean look how Katsuragi dresses He totally looks like Lelouch from Code Geass only with glasses. Nevertheless, what can you do about it now? The cast is quite new after all, but they do a good job in their roles though.

I remembered the manga artist did put Elci as cute in the beginning, but not as much as the anime. The show just shows so many angles to Elci. She makes the anime look Disney like with her broom and magic powers of changing people`s clothing. That was surprising and I completely forgot about that in the manga. However, I like it when Keima told her she he is not into real girls and she starts crying. Elci being sad is the real appeal to her character along with addressing Keima as God.
 Expectations and Predictions: This could be the best anime so far. The story is captivating and I like it. Having read the manga, I can only say it will be even better over time, so I really cannot wait for the next episode. If there is a manga adaption I will be blogging, it is definitely “World Only God Knows” of how I wanted it to be an anime in the first 70 chapters or so, plus not to mention it is the only show on Wednesdays so it could be on every blogger’s radar. I predict it will at least go up to chapters 70+. I hate to see it end in just multiple girls’ story arcs. I want it to move the plot and make us want more!         


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