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Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai - Episode 03

She actually looks good.

Summary: The chauffeur of Mio has had it with her foolish behaviour of still acting like a rich girl. The two look at a shelf as he talks about Mio’s now dead father. Mio is living with her mother, yet she stubbornly waists all her money on breads that will rot before she can eat them all. The chauffeur leaves and says he is not her chauffeur. Keima is watching, and Mio is shock to see him here. She tries pretending to act as if nothing is wrong, but runs away in her house. Keima takes this as a chance to improve his relationship with her. The next day, Mio has to walk to school now with her chauffeur and car gone, but Keima suddenly offers her a ride with his bike. Mio declines at first, but when Elsie transforms the bike into a more suitable chariot, she agrees. Keima does this daily. Every time though, the chariots increase in size due to Elsie. When Keima is finally unable to power the train-like ride, she starts whipping him as punishment. As she whips him though, she smiles for a bit, and runs straight to her house. Keima finally believes he has triggered enough events for her to open up to him. He finds a mail and thinks for a bit.

Afterschool, Mio waits for Keima. When she finally considers him late, he shows up with a pumpkin-like chariot and they go to a party. Mio is dressed in a well-made dress. Keima arrives dressed very appropriate as well. However, they are in a place far away from the party. He asks Mio to teach him how to dance, and he quickly catches on by interpreting the steps as game moves. A group of rich people show up. They mock Mio of her father’s death and walk away. Mio is angry, but Keima tells her that her father has already passed away and that she should admit that. She replies by saying her father is with her all the time in her heart. Keima then says he wants her to be happy by deciding her own way of life. Keima then admits he wants a part of him in Mio’s heart as well as he kisses her. An evil soul bursts out, and Elsie captures it in a jar. They next day, Mio show up wearing regular sized shows and ask Keima how to use change. Keima shows him how and she then walks away. She does remember anything at all but she looks at him blushing.

Impressions: This was actually more enjoyable than I was thinking. I knew her arc was not all that much at all, but it felt more appealing now and emotional. I never really realized how much she loved her father to a point of acting a pride rich person like her father asked. She was really nice all along. Furthermore, her voice actor did a great job in displaying her lines. When she acted tsundere, she really had the character aspects. The manga had made the dress not nearly as beautiful as it here, so I was all up for the part where they practice dancing. Her sad story of a girl who missed who father really captivated me in more deeper way now I have thing more about it.

There was not NEARLY as much Elsie fan-service as last time, so that was relieving. Although, heer appearance as a maid though was enough to please the fans. The funny bit with Keima and Elsie was somewhat weird actually. It made almost no sense and had nothing to do with the plot. The final thing is the overly decorated rides. The char riots were not as embarrassing as the balloons, but it was fairly unrealistic.


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