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Hiatus... The first of its kind

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................................................................................Do you not hate those times when you cannot possibly work on your blogging, because you are preoccupied at real life situations. I find myself in a similar situation right now. I had accidentally been so foolish of not making any production in reality and non-relative results. I dare say, I was procrastinating to a degree, yet also oblivious to my objectives in blogging and in real life. My inferior ways of progressing has cost me.

Basically, I am saying I cannot do blogging for two or three days. That is to say though I have not decided to stop blogging. No, my mentality is far away from that. Although, I am well  aware of my situation and deadline to my real life.

I hope I do not discourage my viewers of course. I just made a crucial mistake that I hope will not happen again, at least not in awhile.

I usually post about 2-3 blog posts a day, and take a day off since the time of shows is not positive to my schedule, but once I return from the mending of my wounds. I assure for about 6-7 blog posts a day, or an amount that I find will have me caught up on my blogging schedule.

Once again, I am deeply sorry.

Also, I am nearly complete in analyzing the amount of shows I am going to blog. I was never intentionally going to blog 16 shows. In my introduction, I said I will blog 5-8 shows. Having about half of my current blogging posts be diminished, greatly reassures me of my on time, consistency, and quality of posts. However, it grieves me to leave a hefty amount of shows that could go a long way in increasing my will to blog. Nonetheless, final decisions will be made on October 28th, 2010.     

P.S. I cannot post any images right now, but I would have added a new image that will be my avatar.

Updated (10/21/10). I'm BACK, because my life is really not that unforgiving. I promised that I will blog about 6-7 posts back then, but since I am only a day or two behind, I think I can get away with 4-5 posts. 


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