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Fortune Arterial - Episode 03

He looks really evil. Yet I still like him. How is that possible?

After the last episode, Erika and Hasekura are walking together. Yuki goes and invites Erika to a tea party in Hasekura's room and she says she will invite Shiro along as well. People still mumble about the girls bathroom incident. Hasekura says it was all just a joke from the president, but then he suddenly sneaks up behind them and scares them! The gang run to school as fast as possible.
Whoops...Uhh... I like hot sauce as well, but I am not sure I like it that much.

Wow... Are you Kanade from Angel Beats?

Otokoto onano~~~! Nekodamashi~~~!!!!
Hmmm....They sure do get along.
 So after the tea party. They decide that Hasekura's room needs redecorating, so they goes to the mall the next day, because there is no school tomorrow.
Why do I feel that those two will become rivals for Hasekura's love???

What kind of living item is that? You have some strange taste Yuki

Some Shiro fanservice. I must admit she looks really cute in the dress. BUY IT!
The group then goes near the shore where Yuki yells her thoughts out about ocean.
Don't go calling that ocean dumb Yuki......

See!!! This is what happens! Why are you calling it dumb anyways?
After a touching scene with Erika and Hasekura, Erika tells him to stay away from his brother the president. However, the president invites him to tea at the student council place.
Is this some sort of magic board game.

holy!!! This just got serious!

Umm....Very serious part. Not going to talk about it anymore.
The president reveals he is a vampire. Hasekura has two choices. One, to be a student council member and accept the fact. Two, to erase his memories from where he went on the island. He wants to erase his memories and Erika takes over.
Don't go making Erika cry you dumb ass
Of course, Hasekura decides to keep his memories...........................
Don't go making Erika jealous you dumb ass
But gets stuck being a floor cleaner
Oooohhhhh, so this is how they keep this place clean.
Impressions: So this was a fun episode to watch. I can say they certainly revealed his true identity fast, although he does not want to suck his neck. Yeah! My suspicions of him being male oriented are over! Some Erika and Hasekura development come to fruition, there weirdly seems to be little Kuze-san in this episode. Still, that did not stop me from enjoying the episode as much as I did. It had emotional, serious, and funny moments here. There are few who anime shows that can do that.

What really surprises me is the fact that Shiro and his brother knew of the vampires. What do they have to do with any of this. I though vampires were suppose to be evil?

All in all good to check and watch. I heard some people say that they are not following well with the light novels and that the manga is. I will see why that is as the series progresses.


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