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Fortune Arterial - Episode 02

He is funny now, especially from last time
Summary: Hasekura was late, and so Erika wrote him a note to buzz off. The opening ceremony arrives, as the Student Council president comes in, and every girl screams. He tells this will be the last time he will be in the school before he graduates, so he declares that this school year to be the best. Now Erika shows up and every boy cries with joy. Erika apologizes for her brother and makes her speech about everyone being together, but suddenly puts the spotlight on Hasekura, and says he charged into the women’s bathroom. After the ceremony, Hasekura meets the class, but they make fun of him. A black haired girl shows up who is late. Hasekura sits behind the black haired girls she says her name is Kuze Kiriha. After class, Kouhei tries to meet Erika, to cover all the misunderstandings, but is unable to. He talks to Haruna on the way while she waters the flower garden. He sees Erika and runs after her, but bumps into Kiriha carrying student handbooks. He helps her carry the books, and misses his chance. In the dorms, Kanada holds an auction from items that probably are not real, but the sister with a frying pan, who they call Maru, because her name is Margarita scolds them for staying up too late. All the dorm people run off leaving the sister. Hasekura is unpacking when Kanada and Haruna visit his room for a tea party. Kouhei gives Kanade his pictures and notices some things that have Haruna’s name on it. The next day Yukimaru escapes. Kouhei is looking at exam results, but he sees that Kuze is number one only at math leaving Erika frustrated. The treasurer looks at Hasekura wondering if he done anything to his sister, but all he just wants to look for is Yukimaru, and together search all around and asking everyone, while Kouhei looks for Yukimaru. He meets Erika from afar. A soccer ball come flying near Yukimaru who pops up. Erika tries to save Yukimaru, but ultimately Hasekura saves him. Erika tries to help him up, but once she walks away again. The school president hands a cloth to help his scratched hand. At the end both Hasekura and Erika, apologize to each other for their faults. Kouhei falls dwon the sofa and Erika tries to help him up, and finally succeeds.

Impressions: This was episode was okay. The main character we saw here was Kuze Kiriha. She was actually silent throughout most the episode, so I cannot really say anything much about her. There seems to be a rivalry between her and Erika, but it is just a cry out for who has the highest mark, so nothing unusually. The President shows some positive and negative effects to me. One, he starts the episode with a cool intro, but then two, he shows some more bishounen stuff. Still, I like him more now, although we still do not know how Kouhei affects them (maybe he is the protagonist from Ookami Kakushi). Anyway, the main thing was Erika and Kouhei finally shaking hands and that is it! It does not matter to me though, because to be honest, I am a fan for Kuze now (I usually just vote for the underdog).

P.S Ending rocks


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