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Bakuman - Episode 02

I like the night sky. Actually, I did not had an interesting image to show you so I went with this one

Summary: Starting from the last episode, Mashiro Moritaka wakes up from bed not gaining any sleep at all. Mashiro walks to school, Takagi addresses him as Saiko, but Mashiro says it is a stupid way, so he replies by saying Shuujin when Takagi wanted him to say Shuto, which Shuujin sounds like a criminal. The two walk to school talking about Mashiro`s late uncle, and saying if they should keep being mangaka. Mashiro still wants to be a mangaka, but he does not want to be with Takagi. Takagi yells he still wants to be a manga artist. At the entrance, Iwase Aiko talks to Takagi about the upcoming exams. She declares she will not lose to him and leaves. At school, Takashi cannot do his test, because the promise last episode. Takagi joins Mashiro, however, Takagi finishes his test. The two talk at the infirmary about last night. They leave immediately and go to the roof. Takagi asks if Azuki gave Mashiro her phone number. Mashiro states no, and says it is pointless. The two talk about Mashiro`s love with Azuki, although they quickly change the topic as Mashiro thinks if Takagi believes he is the smartest person in class. He replies that he is smart, but not a study smart kind of person. He comments how Mashiro and Azuki are also smart as well. He talks about how people have dreams and how Mashiro and Azuki pursue theirs. Mashiro decides to work together with Takagi as the bell rings. Mashiro tells him to work hard on the neemu (Name) if he wants him to illustrate it, but Takagi asks what a neemu (Name) is.  After school, Mashiro decides to talk to his mom about him being a mangaka. She quickly denies saying his uncle killed himself by overworking. Mashiro still wants to become a mangaka, so his mom decides to asks his father`s opinion. Mashiro is at his room reading his uncle`s manga when his father arrives. His mom comes to his room and allows him to become a mangaka. She relays his father`s message saying he should let him do it``. They go to his grandpa`s room to hear his opinion. His grandpa takes a key and gives it to Mahsiro. The key is the key from his uncle`s old studio where he worked. Mashiro accepts it, and rushes to his uncle`s studio. Mashiro`s grandpa is glad that Mashiro is working for his dream. Mashiro calls Takagi and invites him to his uncle`s place. Mashiro says he wants to show Takagi what a neemu is.

I made a big mistake in the last episode`s summary by saying his uncle Mashiro Nobuhiro was his grandpa. I am sorry for the confusion and hope I will not make the smae mistake again.

Impressions: The whole episode did not really show anything new. Mashiro accepting Takagi is good, but I read the manga so it was no surprise to me. I wished they showed his uncle`s studio a little bit, but they are going to show it at the beginning of the next episode, since it is really fantastic to look at. I guess the talk between Mashiro and Takagi on the roof was interesting, but once again, I already knew WHAT they were going to talk.

I have read the manga before, so I really cannot say anything new that I thought was out of my predictions. The production was okay, I guess. The long wall of text chat was fine, and all, but the episode itself was slow as it can be. I guess they are really trying to stretch this to a two cour system. I cannot say I will be blogging this at all after this episode. I regret myself for watching the manga, but I hope that I can update on my status with this episode if anything new comes up, since I will still be watching it.


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