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Bakuman - Episode 01

Isn't she cute?

Summary: The story starts off with Mashiro Moritaka, a young kid who is reading a manga his Grandpa made, saying how he wants to be like his grandpa, a mangaka. We cut to him now in high school whose dosing off in class. He starts thinking about how he wants life to pass by as he draws a picture of a girl he has a crush on, Azuki Miho. The School bells rings and Mashiro goes straight home, ignoring his friend’s invitation to hang out. At home he realized he forgot his notebook and quickly goes back to school to pick it up. In the classroom, he meets Takagi Akito holding his notebook. He is surprised and Takagi wonders if this is a Death Note (hehehe... the creators of Death Note did made this). Mashiro asks Takagi to give back his notebook. Takagi agrees, but on one condition. Mashiro must help him illustrate his stories for him on creating a mangaka. Takagi starts telling him the wonders of being a mangaka and how Mashiro’s drawing of a picture of Azuki is good, and that he could help him. Mashiro starts telling him about the hardships on being a mangaka though, as he tells him about his grandpa who a famous mangaka. Takagi quickly identifies his grandpa as the person who created the legendary heroes gag manga he used to watch. This makes Takagi even more enthusiastic to make Mashirio his illustrator. However Mashiro refuses and heads home, but Takagi runs to him and tells him not to let his life slowly pass by. Mashiro stops and says he will think about it at night. In the night, Mashiro contemplates about Takagi’s words as he starts to reminiscence about his grandpa, who had pass away of over working; however Mashiro when he was young, thought his grandpa had committed suicide. Suddenly the phone rings and Mashiro picks it up finding out its Takagi who is calling. Takagi says he will confess something to Azuki Miho, and he tells him to come along, saying that Azuki secretly likes Mashiro. Surprised, Mashiro tags along and both of them meet at front of Azuki`s house. Takagi compliments on Azuki`s house as he slowly rings the door bell. Mashiro, shocked and surprised that Takagi actually rang the bell becomes stiff as well as Takagi. Azuki opens her door and asks them what they want. Takagi confesses that he will become a mangaka. Mashiro is surprise that was what Takagi wanted to say. Takagi ask Azuki is she going to become a seiyu and she agrees. Takagi hands it over to Mashiro as he blurts out that he will be illustrating the pictures. She is overjoyed at that. Mashiro promises her the star role if they ever were to get an anime, but also asks her that she will marry him if both of them reach their dreams. Azuki quickly goes to her house as she promises Mashiro, but they cannot be allowed to see each other. Mashiro is overjoyed, and immediately starts going to the local store to buy a how to draw book.

Impressions: This was as crazy and over the top as it was in the manga. Although, it has been so long that I couldn’t remember most of what happened. The impact was slightly less than it was in the manga. This seems to be a genuinely good adaption of the manga. The production company is J.C Staff after all (the company who takes pride in leaving us wanting more on every series, (except Toradora)). The characters are vibrantly coloured in, and it looks very identical towards the very realistic manga designs they had. Overall, I like this episode.

Expectations and Predictions: I am predicting that this adaption will end right at the point that they get published at least (maybe), or maybe when Mashiro goes into a coma. I don’t know how fast the anime and manga differ in time relations (there were a lot of time skips in the manga), so it’s up in the air. I do expect this expect this anime to a lot of dialogue though (A LOT OF DIALOGUE). After all, the manga does have a tendency to create a wall of text in some pages (MOST). The only thing I regret though is that I watched the manga already, and already know what’s going to happen. This leaves me thinking whether I should blog this or not. I could hope for fillers (NO, THAT WAS JUST A JOKE). 


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