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Hello, and Welcome!

This is an anime blog that I (Kelfistan) has set up.

 I generally been wanting to do this for a long time now and want to give it a try. Due, to some people saying "blogging is hard! Its hell trying to keep up a daily post!" There were some doubts to me doing this. Nonetheless I decided to do it anyway, just to give it a try and experience it for myself just how hard it is. I love anime. I go to a site called Random Curiosity that blogs about the latest anime on a daily basis. I want to do something like that as well, so hence why I'm here. I want to voice my opinion about the anime shows I'm watching whether it be good or bad things I have to say about it.

The number of anime shows I'll be blogging will vary, depending on the number of anime shows I would like to talk about. I estimate about 5-8 shows. Its the fall season, so there should be a good number of big titles to cover.

I don't have really good writing skills, so when there is an error or a mistake in my writes up, don't be afraid to point me out to it. I hope later on that I will create a great skill in writing blogs.

There are numerous blogs that blog about anime so I hope I don't be labeled as a copy cat later on *shivers.
I watched subbed anime, so the write ups come whenever the subs are out I guess...

That is all I have to say now, so I must bid farewell to you viewers (If I will ever get any, hopefully I don't get a lot though... Too much pressure!!!) The anime line up I will be covering will be officially on September 28, 2010. Hope to see you there!



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