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MM! - Episode 09

A sweet side we never saw before?

Impressions & Summary:

In this episode, we see a plethora of skits and bits of the Sakamori Academy School Festival. The are many things that come up in this episode as Mio-san and Tarou-kun go searching around the school similarly to a date, trying to look for a mysterious group that sent the Secondary Volunteer Club a threatening letter.  Yuuno sits this episode for almost the entirety of this episode, so it’s essentially a Mio and Tarou alone episode. In their booth, they have not one costumer except the store manager that Tarou works for, so that they can go and find his lost daikari.  You’ll be surprised to see that the pillow itself is human size, and with a picture of an anime girl on it. Truly, that store manager has lost his touch with reality as he finds his love one as a girl on a pillow even naming it. Then Tarou and Mio receive the letter from the mysterious group I mentioned, and they go throughout the school festival for any sign of them. Yuuno reluctantly has a bit of bad luck when she tries to search on the opposite places Tarou has been. Meanwhile, we find that Mio-san has a sweet tooth with ice cream, and steamed octopus balls looking almost child-like like as she gobbles it down, and taking Tarou’s chocolate as well. Tarou finds it cute by the way. Mio-san really is embracing the school festival. Then we see the two go to a kitten/cat/neko show where people can look and pet some kittens. This was something Yuuno really wanted to go with Tarou for. Yes, it was a direct saying to us that Yuuno wanted to go out on a date with Tarou. However, what Yuuno loves the most, Mio is scared of. It’s ironic that Yuuno is scared of boys, but loves animals, on the other hand, Mio is fearless against them, and is frightened of kittens. Two girls with polar opposite problems, take your pick Tarou. She runs out, and decides to focus on their originally task at hand, so she goes to the Sakamori beauty contest to see if the unknown group is planning their move there. To their disappointment, they go and find that Tatsukichi is doing his ojou-sama act to fool the whole crowd. I really hope she...uh, he does not win the contest. New in the academy, we see Tarou’s sister also competing for the prize of two tickets to a hot spring, which her mother tries to sabotage, and competes as well to go out with Tarou. She is however taking away sadly. Well, I hope they will let Shizuka win still, because her bunny ears were awesome.

Then we find the Mio cosplay of this episode today, police woman. But besides that, Michiru tells them that the haunted house might be something to look at. We see that Tarou is scared to death by Noa Hiragi’s excellent haunted house she put up. She even has a scary cat for Mio-san. That leads to some good Mio and Tarou moments when they hold hands. Too bad, it was short lived when someone pulls a lever dropping Tarou down under the house. Now we go to the most outrageous group that was watching Tarou all along while he was with Mio, the MFC, or the Mio fan club lead by the chairman, Ayasegawa Kirino. They assembled this group, because Mio actually won the Sakamori contest from last year, and was crowned Miss Sakamori. Tsundere for the wind, and probably Michiru-sensei picking out her dress won her the prize I bet seeing that Mio went with Michiru on the hot spring bath. In addition, the group is comprised of mostly girls, and maybe one boy, which is really weird for a fan group. Maybe they are the fan club of Mio from K-On, but just from a different show, and characters. Coincidence that they worship the same name, I think not.  Basically, they are jealous of Tarou going out with Mio all by himself. Tarou refuses that he is Mio’s boyfriend, but they still need to punish him, so Ayasegawa pulls out a whip, and then I couldn’t imagine was going to happen next. Luckily, Mio barges in on the right moment to save the day! She gives the group some bad lip, but they feel good that they got yelled at by Mio. Then on, their mission...was somehow complete, and they disband the Mio Fan Club. Mio throughout, finds it weird, but nonetheless, supports their disbandment. At the end, the episode ends with some heart warming moment as Tarou and Mio hold hands. Yuuno finally finds the two, and are jealous, because she wanted to go out with Tarou to explore the festival. She holds Tarou`s hands, and because of her phobia, punches him. We end the episode with Tarou feeling really good when Yuuno and Mio kick him down.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode when we see the lot of cool things that happened in the Sakamori festival. I was pretty creped out by the Mio Fan Club or MFC for short. It really looked similar with K-On as the Chairman was the leader of the club. The Mio and Tarou moments were touching, and I can sort of see some battle between Yuuno, MioTarou. Speaking of Yuuno and Tarou, they have a Yuuno verses Mio episode next.

P.S: Man, has it been long since I blogged. Other than that, I notice some nice music in the Sakamori contest scene, which is nice. Finally, Tarou's sister, Shizuka, is in university? Wow, she must be smart.


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