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To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 05

It seems like everybody is evil now

The nuns who have taken away their ears in order to protect themselves against “Sheol Fear” trap Index, Styl, and Saji. Touma opens the door to a church, and lets them all in. Touma discusses what they should do, since the door will not hold long to nun’s axe weapons. Saji brings up “The book of the Law” wishing they had it to bargain with the enemy. Touma and Index struck inspiration when they decide to use the knowledge Index has in her brain. Styl goes against it, saying it will only cause more magicians to go after Index. Nonetheless, Orsola tells the group how to decipher the book, but Index interrupts her. She proves the Orsola’s way of decryption is wrong and the group is stuck in a dead end. As the nuns finish the remnants of the door, Touma backs off next to Styl, which makes him drop his cards. Touma thinks up an idea as the nun barge in.
In the church occupied by Agnese, Touma arrives to challenge. Agnese prepares to battle as she slams her staff around injuring Touma in the process. She scrapes the staff using a dagger and bangs down the floor, all creating air attacks directed at Touma. As she tries to attack him again, Touma backs off and plunges in punching her in the face. She falls to the ground memorizing a certain time where she was not in the Roman Catholic Religion. She declares to herself she will not go back there again and gets back up. Behind him, a blast destroys the door and the front of the church as Styl, Index, and Saji carrying Orsola show up alongside Touma. Agnese is hesitant in her counterattacking, but still thinks they will win, because of their sheer numbers. She stalls however, as all the nuns are not moving. Styl and Saji’s men have placed talismans all of the area creating a giant magic spell circle. Agnese is fearful of the giant flaming beast. Touma tells her it is over, and moves up to punch her throwing and knocking her back to a pole.
Touma falls to the ground however as well. Index moves up to help him. Next thing, Touma wakes up in the bed with Kanzaki to greet her.  Tsuchimikado shows up to embarrass Kanzaki bringing with him some food. Kanzaki yells at him to leave and he does so. Kanzaki continues to apologize for his involvement saying it was not his fight. She continues by saying that Orsola is safely in the hands of the English Church, and out of the Roman Catholic’s harm, since her way of deciphering the book was incorrect. Touma goes on to tell her that he would have helped Agnese if she said so. He also comments that both sides had their different viewpoints and Agnese just ending up being in the wrong side.
Styl and the archbishop, Laura Stuart walks together communicating telepathically. Laura says they need to confine Kanzaki Koari more than just threatening to wipe out the Amakusa group. She thinks of saying she will refer to the Church of England in order to protect her from the Roman Catholic Church. Styl slows to a stop saying she is a fox.

There seems to be some missing scenes throughout this episode. For one, the image I added in my last blog post where Touma and Orsola are on the rooftop surrounded seems to be missing its conclusion with how they got out. Touma first appears in this episode instead inside a church to help Styl, Index, and Saji as well. Orsola also seems to be fine even though her appearance eludes it. Another missing scene was how they evaded Lucia. She and her now deaf nuns are seemingly the hostile nuns battle hardened, but Touma was able to go the church were Agnese hints at him using his friend as a decoy, which also leaves me to the whereabouts of Angelene. It is a mystery how the Amakusa was able to organize all those magic stickers, but it seemed that the publishers did not want to ruin the ending if they showed Touma explaining his plan to then after he fight Agnese. Then most noticeable scene missing was why Saji was carrying Orsola with him when they showed up. She seemed all find to me earlier when they were at the church, but then the next thing Saji carries him, which makes me to believe that a battle had taken place that harmed her. Either that or she was only able to stand, but needs to be carried for a faster pace.

In the aftermath of the incident, Laura shows her inner colours when she says some gruesome things in order to control Koari. It was very crazy that Agnese turned out to be evil, but then it goes 360 when Styl finds out the England Church are also evil. I must admit, it was interesting, but then again, I am quite shocked to see Laura’s seemingly lighthearted face be actually evil.

Another big thing to note this episode was some sudden blushing Koari had over Touma. I suspected her to be the last person to visit Touma, since he usual has Index eating his head. Who knows what that letter had contained, since she was flustered and blushing over crunching it? Tsuchimikado shows up to give some last minute laughs to me when he starts making fun of the relationship Touma and Koari

Characters in Railgun, the sister story to Index show up in the preview along with Last Order, which alarms me that Accelerator is nearby probably living together with her.


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