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STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto - Episode 08

The new girl looks at the screen mysteriously as she thinks she will have to get use to us looking at her all the time

At the Crux Brigade center, the blue hair girl finishes her story of Sam having killed her love one wanting, because he wants to pursue the galaxy outside. The purple hair person crushes a glass ball saying he is done with her story. The blue hair girl cries in despair.

At the classroom, Ruri and Mrs. Watanabe tell Takuto that the three of them, Wako, him, and Sugata are in a fight. In a meeting of the Crux Brigade, the leaders discuss Sugata waking up, and think he has joined with the Tauburn against them. Later, the purpled haired person tells a person with an eye-patch that the blue-haired girl was free to begin and decided to leave. Wako and Keito both come to the bus stop to board the bus. A pink haired girl along with the vice-president takes a ride on the bus as well. The blue-haired girl asks if the bus takes them to the ferry dock. They tell her it does. The blue-haired girl begins to talk about her boyfriend to the other girls. She tells them it did not somehow work out, but she was still very happy with him. The bus arrives at the ferry dock. Keito, Wako, and the pink haired girl say good luck to here. She thanks them and says good luck as well. In the Crux center, Professor Green, and Watanabe discuss Benio`s first phase. The both of them know who she kissed recently. Benio puts a picture of Sugata thinking she is all hers now.

At the ferry dock, the blue-haired girl sings her song. At a cliff, Sugata and Takuto talk. Takuto says he will destroy all the cybodies so Wako can be free. Takuto asks why he refused Wako`s birthday present to him even though he knew. He then tries to punch Sugata. Sugata blocks it, and says he can kill him with his first phase, King’s Pillar. Takuto thinks he will not use it on him because he thinks he is too pathetic to do so. Sugata thinks he did not use full power on his punch and wonders if that is his true power. Sugata taunts Takuto into a fight. Zero-Time kicks in with Sugata, Takuto, and Wako along with a rainy background. Takuto apprivoises, and Sugata is dragged inside Benio`s cybody. The Samekh`s power merges with her cybody. Sugata breaks free however taking control of her Cybody to fight Takuto personally. During their fight, Takuto asks why he is making Wako sad. Sugata tells him he does not understanding saying that the knife was meant to protect her. They start proceeding to fight each other. Wako says they are mocking each other in the process. Benio says her cybody cannot sustain the power of Samekh. At the end, the two cybodies punch each other. Benio`s cybody disappears however leaving the Tauburn alone. Sugata and Takuto are back in the real world exhausted. They smile to one another. The blue haired girl says the story will continue.


What an incredible episode.
At first, I did not know what gave Sugata his strange attitude, but now I know he was just mad about Taukuto and Wako having a date together. At least, I presume that was his reason, but I am not fully sure. The episode had a pretty much focused on Sugata and Takuto having a fight with one another. To my surprise, all they needed was some brute force violence to decrease their frustration with one another. By the end, they were just smiling telling me their friends again. YEAH. Last time, I predicted it would go a bit longer before Sugata was back to the way he was. Turns out, he was not in Benio’s control after all. I guess the king of the cybodies would be too powerful to be controlled like that. I was a fool to think a mere kiss would be capable of manipulating the king! The chains he broke out of made for his cockpit very similar to Tauburns instead of the Crux Brigades artificial like ones. The two battle it out with a teaser like form of Samekh until the cybody was just too weak to handle its awesome power. We follow that up with about 1 minute or more of breathing because of the fight! That scene was quite funny to be honest, but it made sense, since it comes from a real-life kind of depiction if two people were really going at it with one another. The fight itself lasted for a majority of the episode, and was probably the best fight of the all to date, especially to the last two. I predict that the Samekh and Tauburn fighting alongside one another won’t be long, but I have my own doubts about my prediction, since I wonder how he will get his cybody. Even the Crux Brigade leaders say he is no threat to them yet. All in all, I like the development Sugata had for the past three episodes, and I can’t wait for his even bigger role now.

The only thing that bothers me with Sugata was his knife. He does some form of martial arts I presume, so it made no sense to carry a knife. In addition, the knife seemed pretty mediocre and only served to annoy a water avatar, although, this was only a small complaint to me however what with all the action pack battle we had this episode. His King’s Pillar should really be the thing that protects Wako now I think.
Where she will go is beyond me, but what she wants is to travel across the world after having made the person she loved mad about how her story she ended.
But enough of Sugata, what about our blue haired girl that sings and prepares us for when a battle is coming (except for this episode~!), she is leaving! I did not even knew she was free to leave, much less leave the island, since I presumed she had the same fate as Wako, although with her allowing the Crux Brigade to open their second phase I guess she does not care anymore. Well then, to hell with this~! *DROPS STAR DRIVER*. Just joking........ but still, her absence was.....out of left field. Why did the writers even let her go anyways? Sugata and Takuto having become friends again could serve to replace her new development easily. Why? Now we do not have any storytelling left, although I guess it was looking like it was about to end at the last episode, but still! We could be also losing her song when a battle starts. Did I ever mention she had better voice than Wako? Well we might be saying goodbye to that now. I hope that goes on a soundtrack. Speaking of Wako, the blue-haired maiden had a fateful meeting with her along with Keito, and Mizuno that new upcoming Brigade leader. It was pretty relaxing to feel for her loss, and I liked how all three of them wished her good luck. I hope those four one day meet again. I also hope we can still see more of the blue haired maiden again later. It made for much of a cliff-hanger, but I hope she does not change much of the way the fights work, and maybe the later episodes might have her being shown singing on her travels to keep her song. Either that or we might be saying good bye to the episodic format! Whatever it is, I liked this episode, and it has me excited for the next one with the new character being shown. I can tell I already like out of all the other Brigade leaders. Hopefully she will have much of bigger role than the mermaid girl did.

P.S: The blue-haired girl`s name was Sakana. Her name, if I recall correctly was never heard of, so I just called her blue-haired girl. It might be easier to call her a maiden or fish girl, but I had to be as detailed, so people would not be confused who “Sakana” was unless they looked it up like I did.


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