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STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto - Episode 06

I thought she was a maiden...

Takuto checks his pocket watch to see if it is off, turns out the pocket watch is broken. Sugata asks when he had the pocket watch. Takuto says he does not carry it often, but today is a special day for him.

Wako invites Takuto to downtown where he never went to and calls it a deserted island. Sugata says he will pass. Wako then declares it as a date between her and Takuto. On the bus, Takuto asks what the poles on the ground are. Wako tells him that those are guardians meant to protect people from vipers. On the back of the bus, a women looks at them with a menacing stare. The two walk around the town for a while until they finally go to repair his watch. The women on the bus, dives in the ocean and swims for fish. Some outsiders shout out to her, but she looks at them with disgust. In a dressing store, Wako buys a present for Sugata. It turns out that it is Sugata’s birthday today, but he hates it since he found out about the maidens and the cybodies at his birthday fives ago. Since then, Sugata no longer likes to celebrate it. The woman is watching and listening them. Keito joins her and discusses how her she is unable to control her first phase ability. Wako discusses to Takuto that Sugata got the name from the Shinto family who possess the kind cybody, probably the most powerful cybody. At the entrance to Sugata mansion, Wako reminiscence on his sadness that Sugata used to love his birthday, even wearing a necklace she gave him on his birthday. Takuto thinks they should visit Sugata to give him with a present. The maids tell them he is busy in the dojo, so Takuto sneaks near the place and tells Wako to sing, saying it is a present for him and Sugata. Wako starts to sing.

In the Crux brigade center, the caged girl is telling the end of her story with Sam the squid killer. Sam had battled the squid emperor and killed him. He then proceeded to take his blue blood. The person listening comments that there is no description with the battle. The king, who wanted Sam to get the blood, thanks him and says he is finally able to sleep forever since the blue blood is the only thing that could stop his immortality. In a cliff near where Takuto and Wako are together, the women now wearing a mask starts bringing out a poltergeist form of her body and it starts attack the two. Two of Sugata’s neko maids try to protect them. However, they are overpowered and Takuto handles the liquid avatar. The two maids hand him their swords and he performs his cross slash defeating the avatar. The women who summoned the attacker, is unable to control it and it starts multiplying surrounding the four. As one of the blue objects strangles Wako, Sugata throws a knife at the strangler. Sugata appears before them wanting to protect Wako. He then starts to apprivoise, which causes him to use his “King Pillar”. In the wake of the destruction, he collapses to the ground unable to speak. Wako goes to him trying to speak to him, but it is not working. Takuto grabs Wako’s bag as it turns out that it was his birthday as well saying he will never forget this crucial moment.

YEAH! Plot with the person I wanted most to happen. Okay so, this was probably the best episode thus far. There were neither strange perverted scenes nor nothing of non-sense. This episode has me excited to see what the next episode has to offer, since it is a continuation from this one, a very lovely shift indeed from all the episodic episodes.  The one thing I find interesting is that they talking about first phase abilities from “apprivoising”. Two that stood out were the women who has a very big ego with outsiders capable of creating liquid replications of herself, and Sugata’s almighty “King’s Pillar”. She is unable to control it, which makes me wonder what she can do with it if she can. We see her in this episode, trapping Takuto and Wako. If only other people decided to use their first phase abilities instead of fighting him in the Tauburn. In fact, this first phase ability was touched upon in the last episode where the nurse became younger, but it was never in the forefront with her showing off her beauty. Benio in episode two showed some kissing, which proved to be her ability, and some others unknowing to me might used them as well. It seems to imply everybody who has a cybody has a first phase ability. It could imply that Takuto has one as well, as it could be his ability to cross slash outside of Tauburn (seriously that surprised me, I did not think that would work). Then we have Sugata using his “King’s Pillar”, as powerful as it is, it makes him lay flat on the floor. Though he used it here, I hardly think he would us it more often if he recovers from his endless sleep.

The caged girl finally finishes her story making a twist on the ending. Touch luck for me. I hope there is still some vocal songs during the mech fights, or even better a new story. To be honest, I do not know how this story connects to in the main plot, but it was a good listen, and I loved how she put so much effort in them. Now, with neko maids... very weird. They seemed to fight decently at first, but were overwhelmed at the end, and ultimately Takuto finished it off. Why Sugata has bunny, leopard, wearing maids is beyond me. Maybe it is their choice of clothing. Overall, a very plot filled episode. While there is no mech fights this week, it was hardly missed with Sugata’s “King’s Pillar” at the end. I really wanted him to show his cybody being the most powerful and all, but I guess that will be too much in the early episodes.

Next has Sugata in Zero Time. I wonder if the dagger he carries has something to do with his revival. I mean seriously why is he carrying that thing? What, to throw at someone harming Wako?


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