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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 05

This cannot be good...

Summary: We start back at the time Ayase finds Kirino. Ayase questions why she is here. Kirino looks at Kyousuke for help. Ayase thinks it is a date, and Kyousuke rather agrees. Ayase says she just finished her photo shoot. Kyuousuke tells them they are in a hurry and must leave. Ayase offers them a ride back, but they refuse. She asks who both Kuroneko, Soari are, but the two act out regularly not knowing Kirino or Kyousuke. Kirino dismisses them as their friends to convince her as well. Ayase wonders what event is going on, and Kirino says it is Natuscomi today where they sell doujinshi. Confused, Ayase feels that Kirino is hiding something, but Kyousuke quickly tells her they are in a hurry and must leave.
However, Ayase grabs her hand asking Kirino why she is hiding something, as lightning flashes. Kirino says she is not, but Ayase knows it is a lie. Ayase squeezes her hand too much that she lets go. Ayase asks Kirino what is inside her bag. She stutters and runs off. Ayase chases her and rips her bag exposing the contents inside. Ayase looks at it, and then quickly tells her she does not want her to talk to her ever again.  
Later, Kyousuke apologizes to Saori for leaving them off as Kirino takes as shower. The next day, Kirino leaves for sports camp. Kyousuke goes off and plays video games looking mildly bored. He finally beats the squid girl allowing him to play online. He first starts feeling happy, but quickly turns depressed. He tells Kirino when she gets back that he is able to play online, but she tells him he is an idiot.
Later when Kirino is sleeping in the sofa, Kyousuke asks what the situation with her and Ayase is. She does not want to tell him, but he persuades her. She tells him to shut up, but he forcibly wants them to get along. As Kyosuke grabs her hand she flings it away saying to stop being a good brother. Kyousuke asks her to repeat what she said, but she hits him in the crouch and slowly beats him down with a pillow. As she keeps hitting him, she cries wanting him to take responsibility.
Outside of the house, Kyousuke calls Ayase. She does not want to talk about her talk with Kirino and asks what his view on Kirino’s hobby is. She later tells him that she tried to convince Kirino to stop her hobby, but he does not want to. Kyousuke asks why she has such a bad opinion on her hobby, and she tells him of a man who tried to electric a women to death based off Siscalypse. While she talks about it, Kosuke looks up the Siscalypse incident.
Later at the living room, Kyousuke lies that a girl saw his large amount of erotic manga and asks his father’s help. At the playground, Kyousuke talks with Ayase about the Siscalypse incident. It turns out that the journalist had made some wrongs mistakes, and apologizes for the matter. Ayase did not hear it because the apology article was rather small. Kyousuke tells her that there is no big influence about games and reality. She accepts the fact of the false article incident, but refuses to get along with Kirino.
Kirino shows up, and tells her true feelings to her. Ayase wants her real Kirino back, but she tells her that she IS the real Kirino all along by liking the manga and anime she likes. She tells Ayase that she likes her erotic manga to her saying she would not do without both of them. However even though Ayase is crying that she really wants to make up with Kirino, she just hates those kinds of manga, and cries on Kirino’s shoulders.
Kirino looks at Kyousuke for a solution. Kyousuke acquiesces by showing a dirty book to Ayase. She slaps him immediately. Kyouske declares that she loves Kirino, and says that those kinds of books are the link between her sister and him.
Ayase drops the book, and makes up with Kirino. Kyousuke tries to go close to the two, but Ayase yells at him to stay away from them, and they run off. Kyousuke talks to himself saying “just as planned”. Later afternoon Kyousuke is sitting on the playground porch, he gets a call from Ayase. She thanks him for his help with making up with Kirino, but warns him that if he comes closer to Kirino, she will kill him.
When Kyousuke is arriving at home, Kirino complains about him keeping her laptop. He tells her she will give it back to her, but she corrects him saying she wants to play Siscalypse with him.

Impressions: Where do I start? Well, I was disappointed with Ayase. I thought she was a kind and gentleperson, not a yandere who is wants Kirino to stay as far away from her hobby as possible. She looks creepy from her talk wanting Kirino not to lie to her. I will admit though that I rather liked it for a second, but it was not what I wanted her and I quickly shrugged it off. The chances of Kyousuke X Ayase forever dissolve in the midis of day. There is no way now she will ever see Kyousuke as nothing, but a perverted incest kind of person.
I really feel bad for Kyousuke now. He has almost if not hit the bottom of human outlook towards his image. He can willingly talk to his father about some absurdly cryptic situations without him hitting him, or any kind of punishment. Now, he has lost his regular personality to his sister`s friend who was at first one of the most kindest people to him. Now he has nothing, absolutely nothing. Well, except Minami.
Let me talk a bit about how I feel during the segments of the episode. First, I was confused and shocked at how Ayase was acting during the first few minutes of the show. Than when she finds out Kirino has a despicable hobby in her opinion, she walks away never wanting to see her or talk to her ever again. Now, I was sad how this will be the focus of the episode, trying to bond Ayase and Kirino back together. Of course, Kyousuke has to solve the problem, because her sister is as useless as a wad of paper. He calls her and looks up all the information to prove that otakus do not have a negative impact on society. He even tries to speak to Kirino after, but she kicks him down below and calls him a good brother, but when she realizes what she said, she starts pounding him with a pillow and starts crying. The physical pain that Kyousuke has to suffer is just the tip of the iceberg.
In the scene where Kyousuke meets up with Ayase, he easily proves that she is wrong about otakus. However even with all the evidence, Ayase`s true motive was to have her true friend back. Kirino watching the conversation goes out and talks to Ayase. Now she tells her all her outside acts modelling, honours student, good looks, and etc were a lie. I find it funny how someone’s entire image of what someone thought of her was not true, meaning she was actually seeing the fake Kirino all the time. She really thinks her hobby defines her and even thinks Ayase is as good as her 18+ magazines. I wonder how it feels to be in someone`s eye compared equally to a porn collection.
Now this was not exciting at all for me. It was just two friends getting along after a harsh incident. I am pretty sure that without Kyousuke`s help they would have eventually made up naturally. How does the red hairdo girl that they have as friend going to think about this. She might have gotten screen time if it turns out like that, and helped instead of Kyousuke who barely knows the two.
Now if that was not bad enough, the resolution to all of this is Kyousuke throwing away his true identity and once again tell someone he is the real culprit to Kirino`s hobby. She instantly hates him afterwards, even going as far as death threats, and most of all, he had it planned out. How could someone do that to himself? It is just irritating to see this, because Kirino was looking at him with an angry look throughout the episode EXPECTING him to solve her crisis for her. I think it is a given fact that I hate Kirino now.
Then at the final scene, Kyousuke has receives another pitiful thank you with her wanting to play with him. Anyone should be expecting a pot of gold from the effort Kyousuke puts into her little ungrateful sister.
Well, in the end, what`s done is done. Kyousuke seems not to care. Kirino DEFINITELY does not care, and I guess I do not care as well. It was somewhat enjoyable albeit excruciating, but I will admit it still was a fairly well written episode, kudos to the writer and publishers for making a great anime. I will also admit the last few paragraphs were harsh on Kirino, but feel that she still has potential to make up for her attitude. Well, I have to stop writing for now. This was the longest post I made so far, and I hope it will be less from now on.
P.S: Finally...Minami has arrived. 


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