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Motto To Love-Ru - Episode 06

UH OH. The dreaded beach episode.
Rito, Lala, Sairenji, Kotegawa, and the rest of the gang are invited to Tenjouin Saki’s private beach spot. Of course, Rito is forced to put suntan lotion on Mikado-sensei by Oshizu’s ghost powers. But when Kotegawa surprises Oshizu, her powers go out of control, and Rito goes running towards Nana’s flat chest.

Later, Momo summons a giant watermelon for the party to eat. However, when they start saying he won’t taste good, the giant melon goes out of control and starts terrorizing everybody.

It’s a beach chapter. What more can you expect besides random shameless act, a monster that starts grabbing people’s clothing, and etc...

Yami does not even need to use her powers, she has elite swordsmen skills

What the! Is that a cameo from "Mayoi Neko Overrun!"?
Turns out Rito is having trouble with his studies. He doesn’t want Sairenji to think he is dumb, so he turns to Lala for help. It turns out Lala did badly on tests, because she was learning Earth at that time, and could not read the questions. However, she truly was one of the geniuses of the galaxy.

This was nice chapter with some bonding between Lala and Rito. At first I thought he going to get distracted from her lustful body, but things go differently when someone truly knows how to answer the questions I guess. 
I love Lala when she is in tsundere mode!
Lala gets a book from Mio and Risa, Haruna’s best friends. She reads the book in order to get closer in relationship with Rito. She tries almost everything, even Tsundere?
She almost succeeds as well, but when she is at the part of kissing him, she does not know what to do next. In the end, they walk home together, but Lala is crying for some reason. Peke points at the book she has been using throughout the episode, and Rito cheers her up.
Hmm... This was essentially a normal episode with development with Lala and Rito. It was surprising indeed at the end when she starts. I did not know she was really emotionally sad. I guess she really wanted to be closer with Rito. This is so different from the rest of the episodes that I really like. I hope we see more of this now with Haruna, and Kotegawa too.
Overall, a good episode. It wasn’t as crazy as the other episodes, but it still was up to par in pleasing me.  
Oh I know this episode. I remember it perfectly

Hehehe. You know in episode 4 I made a picture of a random show in the television they were watching. Actually, it had some real plot of the new character that is going to show up, but I didn’t want to spoil it!


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