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MM! - Episode 08

The two look at Tarou-san with great excitement as to who Tarou is admitting his love to. The two have already picked out their wedding dresses and wonder where they should go for their Honeymoon. All they wait now is Tarou to say who he loves.


This was a very awkward episode, but fun at the same time. I loved Tarou’s fetish changes, Mio and Yuuno’s as well as everyone else’s reactions, and Tarou`s affection with Tatsukichi. Using the magic of hypnotism to try and change Tarou’s masochist into a regular normal person, Mio has made other duplicates of Tarou reflecting his difference kind fetishes he is influenced by. The first one was caused by Noa barging into the second volunteer club to meet Tarou. She finds him having fallen for her miniature body and now wants to play with Noa. He replaced Himura which was funny. Poor Himura, he seems to be having a losing streak to Tarou. But anyway, this was a nice part, and it somehow made for a cool mini-ending if Tarou actually picked Noa. His other form was his womanizer tuxedo mask like personality who he tries to hit on everyone single girl he meets. He even tried of Michiru-sensei’s legs. It was funny to see Tarou bask at every girl’s body and charming points, but it made me laugh when he wore just underwear. I laughed at the sight of Yuuno and Mio as they look at tuxedo Tarou hitting on everyone, even them! Oh how I love Fukuyama Jun’s voice acting for this part. Then Mio tries to end all the shenanigans by hypnotizing him one last time. At first, they think it is a great success. They think Tarou is cured of all his fetishes and is now a normal, until he gets the “hots” for Tatsukichi. Well it was a really strange bit, and I thought that Tatsukichi’s cosplay would save him from Tarou, but I guess wrong as somehow he is not actually into guys, but rather is in love with Tatsukichi, even admitting it to his mother and sister who were quite sad to hear the news. In the end though, Masochism is the ultimate fetish for Tarou, and the way to introduce that fact is to constantly hit, punch, slap, or whatever to admit his true inner self.

This episode pretty much solidified for me that Tarou’s Masochism is not going anywhere. Even when they cure him, another fetish just pops right in. Mio’s constant re-introduction of pain in each episode does not help the cause one bit, and more so helps his fetish instead. Yuuno seems to be fine with Tarou being like that, since she has a phobia for men, so when Tarou goes close to her, she will just beat him up, and he will like it instead. Yuuno’s helpfulness to Tarou has been of help to Tarou’s masochism, yet in this episode, she tries her best to make Tarou go back to the path of straightness, and I can the two working with their problems uncured when Yuuno almost admitted her love to Tarou.

In the end, some fun Tarou changing erotic styles that were amusing, Yuuno and Mio non-progressing ways to help him make this episode nice to watch and sit back and let the humour kick in.


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