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Letter Bee REVERSE - Episode 05

Zazie is surprised as I am about this episode.

Summary: Lag writes a letter for a sick girl who is in distress. Moc Sullivan wants him to hurry, so he can get all his letters on time. The girl is lying about the contents in her letter however, and does not want her mother to worry. However, lately the organization known as REVERSE have been stealing letters from the south. Moc Sullivan is one of those victims and loses 323 letters. Two former Bees known as Hazel Valentine the dingo and Caribs Garrard the letter carrier arrive at the Amberground mailing center. The two go to the south to investigate the situation. Zazie dingo attacks Hazel on their way out but Hazel tackles Zazie’s dingo down making him harmless. Lag wants to go to the south to deliver all the letters particularly the little girl’s, but the former Bee does not allow him. Lag Seeing finding no other way, sneaks on board the carriage Valentine and Garrard are on. When Garrard asks the towns people for directions he looks at a boy, and knocks down. Lag, Niche, and Steak pop out of the cargo hold much to the two’s surprise and helps the boy up. The boy tells them of an entrance to the lower mountain floor.
Garrard tells Lag to retrieve all the letters, and in return, he will tell him about Gauche. Lag does so while Niche sits on the sidelines along with Valentine. Valentine however, starts making fun of Niche saying she is a second rate dingo compared to him. He runs off with Niche following for payback. As Lag collects half of the letters and runs off to find the rest, Garrard starts doing his experiment he originally intended to do when he came here. His experiment works and a gaichu appears in result. Niche and Valentine are battling out as they hear the sound of the experiment succeeding. Niche runs to Lag to help him defeat the Gaichu that appeared. While Lag fights the Gaichu his red needle opens a flashback panel where Lawrence, the leader of REVERSE is rallying the member of the secret organization. Alongside him is Gauche much to Lag dismay.
Garrard watches the fight saying Lag will no longer be able to shoot shindans like him, because he no longer able to bare the emotions of the letters, which bring sadness, hatred, and all kinds of negative feelings. Niche cuts the Gaichu’s head off and Lag shoots a shindan right inside its body for it to explode. Later, Lag collects all the letters saying he will deliver them himself. Garrard tells him to do what he wants and walks away. Garrard and Valentine go off and meet with Lawrence. The two were spies of REVERSE all along and they report the experiment worked. Lawrence sends Noir off to the North as the government is watching the South region.

Impressions: The show is finally starting to pick with more plot added here. Originally, I thought Garrard and Valentine were both nice, and that Garrard was warning Lag that he too might not be able to shoot a shindan one day. A twist happens though as the two reveal themselves at the end to be spies. I should have seen it coming when Garrard commented that there might be spies right now watching them. However, he seemed calm and cool about it that it slipped my eye. Valentine on the other hand is a reckless crazy dingo capable of outmatching Zazie’s dingo, and sparring with Niche. Not only is he able to parry her golden blades, but has great combat abilities as well. I am not too sure, how he is able to do that. My best guess is that he is a Maka just like Niche, but that theory is out of the window unless Valentine uses his golden blades as well. Lawrence seems to want revenge out on Akatsuki, because he was denied a high position in the government even though he invented the zeppelin that was seen in the opening of the first season. Where that Zeppelin is now is a mystery, but I can see it being an item used to rage war. His right hand man is Noir or Gauche as he was formerly known. His plan now with the success of the experiment Hazel and Caribs hatched probably is to wreak havoc and fear at the north. Makes for a very exciting cliffhanger now, but they had to ruin it with the next episode being about Sylvette’s doll. They really must start putting the plot-focused episodes in sequence so they can keep up with the momentum.


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