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Motto To Love-Ru - Episode 05

Go Go Go, I'm rooting for you!

Basic Summary:

Saki: I feel so lonely without Zastin-sama...
Atop the Roof>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Kujou Rin: Rito, go and get Zastin here right now or I kill you.
Rito: Okay, okay! *Calls Zastin to come to school
At the school outside grounds>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Zastin: Where is Rito? Why did he make me come here? I just took a shower as well with my crazy abs of steel.
Fujjisaki Aya: Now is your chance Saki-sama.
Saki: * walks up to Zastin*  Ummm....................
Zastin: Yes?
Behind a Wall>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Lala: Hey Rito, try out my deviluke bento I just made!
Saki: Hey watch where you going! AH!
Zastin: “Looks at pantsu* I did not see anything *walks away*

Impressions: This was rather the most serious episode in the series, the part where Rin and Aya past how they came to be the lackeys of Saki were very honourable. It actually makes me want to root on Saki from the sidelines. For some reason this was not very touching  to me in the manga. I do not know why, but I guess it has to do with some background music and stuff, rather than still images. The last scene with Saki, and Rin conquering all the boys made it feel non-meaningful, but the actually voices made it out to be better understood. With Rin and Aya’s part, I hope they have more screen time later throughout the show now. Of course, at the end Saki’s feelings with Zastin are nowhere near completion, although I can actually see them being together at the end, quite strange, but still good.   

Awe~~~ Was she like this when she was a child?
Basic Summary:
Ren: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! With this skunk, I’ll be stronger than Lala and get my revenge! Now all I have to do is carefully grab the skunk or else I will turn into a kid *is sprayed by skunk
At school>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Ren: Rito help me. I failed!
Lala: Ahh look, the skunk is over there *Sprayed* whoops
Sairenji: Awe, look at the cute furry animal Kotegawa
Kotegawa: No pets allowed... in...the... hey it does look cute
Rito: Get away from there, Kotegawa!
Kotegawa:*sprayed* This is your fault again Rito! Wah, don’t ignore me!
Ren: I’ll help find the skunk or I’ll cause too much trouble to Rito!
Ren:”catches Skunk* wah, I’m going to fall!
Lala: I’ll help you up Ren!
Ren: Wow, maybe Lala is a good person *thrusts into the air, and falls down head first*
Ren: Wah, never mind!

Impressions: Just a run of the mill episode as always. There is not much to say about this chapter except the cuteness each was when they were young. I particularly love Kotegawa’s the most, not with her appearance, but with her attitude. I put a picture of it, even though this was focused on Ren. Yami’s younger self was cute too, but that does not affect her abilities much unfortunately to the principal. Lala and Ren younger were cool, because they had some different uniforms with Lala’s younger outfit, and Ren’s uhh...Pyjamas? 
Hahaha, Kotegawa all flustered about handing him her chocolate she worked so diligently on.

It's like bottling up waiting to explode only to yell out the wrong word.

By the way, I meant to have one picture each chapter, but Kotegawa had so many cute moments.

This one takes the cake, and what a cute chocolate at that!
Basic Summary:
Rito: Hello Kotegawa what do you want?
Rito: I’m sorry!
Sairenji: Hey Rito, me and Lala made this at my house for you. I hope you like it. *hands him chocolates
Rito: Thank you!
Kotegawa: Looks mesmerizingly
Kotegawa: Here Rito...........*hands her chocolates to him
Rito: Thank you Kotegawa-san!
Rito’s house>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Mikan: Obligatory chocolate eh? Yeah right.

Impressions: Definitely the best chapter of them all. What can I say that I already did not? Besides Kotegawa being my favourite character, she is sporting the tsundere act well. Still her courageous act of handing him a chocolate was what makes her one of the top of the best tsunderes. She also makes a cute chocolate as well without some horrid disasters unlike some other anime characters. I like her constant thought of Rito popping to her makes so that she is not honest to herself that is really what tsunderes are all about! Oh how I wish to have that chocolate in my hands. In fact, I wonder if Rito has any feeling for Kotegawa right now. I honestly think he should, and I would not take no for an answer. Perhaps if someone were to ask him what he feels about her, then it might open some thoughts in his mind. I do not remember anyone saying that though. This really makes me wish that Yabuki Kentaro,and Hasemi Saki at least finished her arc. Maybe the anime ending will cover that, but I can only hope for the best...


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