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To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 03

 My god...My heart was pumping so much so fast...I wish I can see her hair, more so, I wish she would become a main stay character.

Summary:  The nuns prepare a battle to distract the main forces of the Amakusa. Touma and the company move out to sneak in. The Amakusa ambush them however. Before Styl separates from Touma with Index, he hands him a cross. He then disappears with Index in his arm. Touma begins to hide in order to evade the attackers, but he hits a toolbox and it alerts one of the Amakusa. Touma manages to knock her down disarming her from her sword. Touma then starts to look for Orsola when she suddenly bumps into him. He uses his imagine breaker to release her. She wonders how he did that, but he replies by saying, “it’s complicated”. Touma then hands his cross to her, but she wants him to tie it on for her. He does so with great embarrassment. Orsola then questions why he is helping. He answers that he just wants to help. Touma asks her why she devoted her life in translating the grimoire. She tells him that she only wants the knowledge to destroy the gimoire, because it would provoke destruction. Styl interrupts them when he slams to the ground as Saiji comes forth. Touma and Styl begin to work together to try and stop Saiji, and they succeed by tackling and knocking him down unconscious. Tied up, Saiji begins to tempt Touma to untie him as he explains that it is not the Amakusa that are evil, but the Roman Catholic Church wanting to kill Orsola. A voice screams aloud the three considering it is lady Orsola. Touma does not believe, but then two nuns from the church arrive to arrest Saiji. Touma requests he see Orsola again, but the nuns deny him. He pats his hand on one of the nuns, but the nun suddenly freaks out, attacking Touma. The other nun proceeds to stop Index, but she counters, and they retreat.   

Impressions: Wow, what a twist. I hope they do not make Anieze into a bad person. I like her! Well the Roman Catholics now seems to be the evil dark side of the Christian society now that they have Orsola in their hands. Does that not reflect society today? I thought that Saiji went down relatively quickly, but he only wanted to apologize to Kanzaki for sucking at what he does. He is not that great of a villain if you asked me, so I really like the turn in evil here.

The scene with Orsola with Touma is my favourite. This really makes me want to see her hairstyle now. If not then we had a good share of neck fetish if I do say so myself. She must be a character to stay, because if we have a shrine maiden just casually walking by all the time, than we must also have a nun as well!  I also liked the part where Index actually helped. Styl was protecting her throughout the episode, so I find it satisfying that she can at least hold her own against a weak nun. Seriously, she was barely any help in almost the entire first season. I hope she keeps up the usefulness. I wonder how the next episode will turn out. Can there be a two-side struggle inside the Roman Catholic Church, or was Saiji the bad guy all along? I do like to admit I liked the two nuns at the end. The little one sound like she does think this is right, so I hope it will not come down to this being an absolute nun betrayal thing. Although, I certainly am really looking forward to the next episode, the arc could end with the appearance of Kanzaki, and Tsuchimikado. 


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