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Sora no Otoshimono forte - Episode 03

OMG it's Bomberman! Or maybe his Pantsu Perverted Cousin, Tomoki!

Summary: The story starts back up with Astraea having “awoke” from her temporary damaged state. She realizes Sugata has found out what she said, and tries to kill him, but ultimately fails by tripping. Mikado ties Astraea down while asking if she tried to kill Sugata. She replies yes, and rather punished, Mikado agrees with her, and admits she wants to kill Sugata too. The day turns night as the festival from last season arrives again. Tomoki, Mitsuki, Ikaros and Nymph have once again come to the festival. Nymph remembers the apple Tomoki gave him last time as she looks at the candy apple and wonders if Tomoki will buy her another one. Suddenly, Judas returns again scaring Tomoki to run away. Judas grabs him as Mikado shows up to once again host an event.

This time instead of an all-out-gunfight, she hosts a wrestling event and the reward is 10 million yen, and a chance to go into a spa with a bunch of girls. Tomoki decides to join in wearing pink panties as his mask. He fights with a girl named Makiko. Just when she attempts to pin him down though, Tomoki touches her boobs, and she runs away with him as the winner. The female crowd throws stuff at Tomoki in disgust. Tomoki goes to Nymph asking her to put cool-guy-jammer saying he will buy her anything. She turns it on but just when Tomoki is about to look at a girls pants she turns it off for some reason. Ikaros is next who fights an octopus shop owner. She clobbers him to the ground (Karate chop style!). Sugata and Mikako face one another, although the match is finished instantly when Mikako uses her grip of death on him. The next fight is a tag-team between Ikaros with Tomoki verse Astraea and Nymph. The match starts with Astraea tripping to knock herself out. Tomoki ties her up and fondles her. She wakes grabbing her beam sword, but Ikaros nukes the stadium with laser missiles. The referee disqualifies Ikaros and Astraea leaving Tomoki and Nymph. Tomoki cannot fight, because of how her boobs are undeveloped. Nymph, who is frustrated, puts Tomoki in a grapevine hold. Tomoki retaliates by grabbing her breasts. She runs off making Tomoki the winner. After the match, Tomok apologizes to Nymph. Her hearts starts acting weirdly again. She believing she is in love.

In the finals, Mikako and Tomoki face off as a electric steel cage surrounds them. Mikado uses her grip of death, but Tomoki uses sesame oil to make him slippery. Tomoki goes on the offensive by grabbing her bra. As Tomoki has Mikado cornered, Sugata notices the referee (who is Mitsuki) is gone. Mikado looks up as a mask wrestler appeared with a demonic aura. Tomoki is not scared with the protective steel cage, but the mask wrestler is capable of breaking through the electricity with her chop of death. She smashes Tomoki with some ridiculously deadly moves, yet Tomoki is still able to stand. Sugata enters the stage and declares the masked wrestler the winner. Tomoki had died. After the match, Tomoki technically wins, because he had the advantage over Mikado. Mikado then holds the grand final match between the winner of last time, Judas and the current champion. Judas completely annihilates Tomoki with his two guns. Birds come out as Mikado raises Judas’s hands as the winner.

After the festival, Nymph eats her candy apple, which Tomoki bought for her. Tomoki comments on how she used to hate them. Nymph is delighted he remembers him buying it for her, and she runs off. The episode ends with Ikaros placing a mask she had in front of her face. The next morning, Mitsuki is up in her balcony drying the mask wrestler’s clothing

Impression: Tomoki dying in every episode might not be that bad! I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. The signs of Nymph having some feelings for Tomoki bring some light romance to the spin. It is not all Astraea this time around at all, but Nymph who is stealing the spotlight! I hope Ikaros can somehow go on the offensive later in this show. Judas is a cool bad ass once again. He was only here for a minute or so, but he just shows how he is nobody to mess with. I thought of putting a picture of him here, but the Bomberman joke was just too good to pass up. The ecchi action was amusing if you are into this stuff. The show also showed some crazy Mituski skills, which she can only use on Tomoki. Man, I think Mitsuki is more deadly than Mikado is now. Although Mikado still showed off some of her awesomeness with her grip of death that was scene on the opening. It is capable of 400 kg of pressure! The ending theme or clips of images reminded me of something strangely familiar.... Bruce Lee anyone?


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