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Sora no Otoshimono forte - Episode 01

Oh no! Tomoki is singing the opening!? We got cheated off of our new anime song! Actually he wasn't that bad, however his ingenious way to calm down in the morning is pretty horrible.
Summary: The anime starts off with Tomoki telling everyone about his dreams. Nymph consorts with Ikaros on deciding to play the "Dive game", but Ikaros says its too dangerous. The "Dive game" is a game that was popular in Synapse (Nymph and Ikaros are unable to tell anymore about Synapse) to dive into people's dreams. Tomoki decides to play the game and Nymph sends the gang off. Nymph and Ikaros however are unable to go since angeloids are unable to dream. The group arrive at Tomoki's dream, grasslands as far as the eye could see, or so they thought. The group soon discover that this isn't Tomoki's dream, but Sugata Eishirou's dream, the president of the New World Society. After nearly getting killed, the group comes back with Tomoki grabbing a crystal to sell later on. Unfortunately the crystal disappears as Nypmh explains that they can't bring any item back from a dream. Nymph then sends them off to another dream...only to find that the dream belongs to Sugata Eishirou's yakuza friend, Satsukitane Mikako. Nymph once again sends the team off to another dream, but once again they stumble upon yet another dream. This time its Tomoki's childhood friend Mitsuki Sohara. Mitsuki not wanting Tomoki to find out about her dirty dream, she golf BLASTS Tomoki far off to the sky along with Eishirou-san. Nymph, finds out that someone put a protective barrier to Tomoki's dream. Determined, Nymph sends them off again. The group arrive at a somewhat mysterious place where leafless evergreen trees and a monument centerpiece. Unfortunately, Tomoki says this is not his dream and they leave. Sugata however brings a seed from the dream and shows it to Ikaros. Sugata suspecting Ikaros to know of Tomoki's dream, shows her the seed, and she assumes its an acorn. Sugata reminiscence about him having seen the rumble from when Ikaros came at episode 1 of the previous season. Suddenly, Astraea comes smashing into the ground. She quickly fly's off seeking Sakurai Tomoki....

Impressions: Recently when I heard this was coming out, I WILLED myself to watch the last season, having gave up on it from episode 4 or 6 (I dropped my expectation very low, plus I don't just leave an anime half finished!). However, after watching this episode, I think I could've not finished the last season and still blog about it! Okay, that was a joke, but really, the only new thing came was Astraea and she had 30 seconds to 1 minute of screen time! However that doesn't mean I hated this episode, I actually like it very much. There wasn't as much Tomoki being a pervert or some OUTRAGEOUSLY crazy event (Although giving the episode was mostly in a dream I'll let it slide) . I'll think I stick with it for now, AND keep on blogging it.

Expectations and predictions: I liked this episode, however I don't actually have high hopes for it. I remembered correctly I LOVED the first episode of the first season, but then I started not liking the massive amounts of chibi Tomoki and events that made absolutely no logic (it fustrated me!). The first episode was good, but I went to ecchi pervert really fast, episode 2 flying pantsu! I hope though that they keep this rhythm up with Astraea, but like I said in my Fall season line up, I doubt she will anything but quirky.

P.S As such, don't be afraid to correct any of my spelling mistakes (I'm sure there are a lot, particularly with my summary....) this is however my first ever blog, so what can you expect. I'll try to get better over time.   


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