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Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt - Episode 03

Somehow I like her more than Panty. I wonder why.

Summary: Stocking is furious that Panty ate her precious pudding. They start fighting it out escalating into a massive profanity fess. Even the holy man Garterbelt says ``Holy %$&``. Nonetheless, Garterbelt sends them off to another job of heaven coin catching. He also introduces the boy from last episode around their house. Stocking and Panty are angry at each other, so they go their separate ways. However, the monster is a girl who tricks Stocking. The monster ties up Stocking, and she starts feeling very good. Panty shows up with Grief, and saves Stocking. The monster prepares to fight, but Panty and Stocking are still angry at each other and fight with themselves. The monster catches them off guard and the two girls are both knock down. The two swear truths and defeat the monster gaining two heaven coins. Later as they drive back, Panty gives some of her spicy pudding to Stocking.

She is really building a fetish list right now. I like it.
A group of sperm cells with a man named Portschach  on board go and try to take the %&*$$. A cluster of tissues come in and captures them all. Next thing, Garterbelt comes in with the hugest afro, and starts throwing a fit. He says there are no more tissues. Panty proposes the mouth as a suitable option, but Garterbelt wants tissues for the soft feel. He starts letting the entire load and destroys the building. From the ashes of the milk rain, a clue signalling a new monster to battle, immediately Garterbelt sends Panty and Stocking out. The two arrive at the tissue box factory as a bunch of sperm ghosts take revenge on the tissue boxes. Predictably, those cute little sperm ghost that cute in Stocking`s perspective are annihilated. We come back at the shores of a %&$$* as a group led by Portschach now finally concurs the mound. Although what their reward is a unpleasant one.

Impression: Ummm...okay, that was extremely outrageously funny. The first episode was just a good old fashion. The only thing changed was the profanity rate. I laughed when Garterbelt said the &^%* word adding “Holy”. Everything just starts going out of control from a single pudding that Panty accidently ate by confusing hers with Stocking’s. However, the boy did not swear, but he was called some dirty names even though his real name is Grief. He is from the last episode. This leads me to believe him as a staying character from now on, so I guess his is pertinent to the plot now. The amusing part of the first episode however was Stocking`s awesome bondage fetish. I would love to play with her (Just joking J).

The second part was completely out of this world. It starts with a black and white theme as Portschach (Not to be confused with Roschach) monologues his version of world war two. A bunch of tissues comes and I wonder to myself `What am I watching?”. Eventually, I finally understand the joke. The next thing Garterbelt claims he has a huge fetish with tissues and blows a load all the way to heaven (Even holy people need to burst some down eventually).

This entire episode was on crack in my honest opinion. I can say though I enjoyed it though. This is really something you should sit back and give reality a vacation.  


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