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Otome Youkai Zakuro - Episode 02

Hmmm for some reason their heads look bigger when they are young and where are her red flowers today!?
Summary: The story starts with Zakuro when she was young trying to a grab a apple from a  Persimmon tree. She grabs the apple, but then shadows start appearing and climbs the tree. Zakuro tries to climb up top, but falls and she wakes up whispering “Mother”. 

In the morning, the group of humans and youkai are having milk as a drink. Zakuro looks at the milk in disgust, so Agemaki tries to give her a candle to eat. Angry at the foolish idea of her eating a candle, Zakuro leaves. Agemaki is confused as he had done researched  on youkais after episode 1. Kushimatsu calls the the group in for another mission. A large hotel is to be built, but recently spirits have been popping up. They are sent to see the situation. The group arrives at the location via carriage, and talks to the hotel business man. The businessman orders them to exterminate the spirit that is haunting the place. The group questions of their extermination saying that it did not do anything wrong, but they decide to investigate the the location. The group splits up to their respectable pairs, except for Agemaki and Zakuro, who looking on their own. Riken and Susukihotaru look at the construction place. Susukihotaru trips, but Riken catches her. Riken comments on how Susukihotaru could have hands that could fight . Susukihotaru says its because of Zakuro that they are able to be together. Suddenly the two notice something as the scene cuts to Bonbori, Hoozuki, and Ganryuu. Garyuu tells Bonbori to stop playing around. The two are confused however, wondering how Garyuu could tell them apart. Bonbori and Hoozuki tests Ganryuu if he can tell them apart by doing a super fast switching technique. Ganryuu is able to figure who is Bonbori and Hoozuki. The two are delighted. Suddenly, the ceiling collapses as Ganryuu protects the twins. A large shadow appears and runs off with them pursuing. The scene cuts to Agemaki as the shadow appears before him. He is frightened, but for some reason the shadow just keeps on scarring him.  The group members arrive except Zakuro as the shadow escapes. The shadow goes to a room where Zakuro is waiting for it. Zakuro only wants to talk to the shadow, but she says she “has no choice, but to do it”. Zakuro starts to fight the shadow, but Agemaki says to stop. The ceiling collapses as the group escapes. The shadow arises. Zakuro asks for the candle Agemaki has and she lights it up. She raises the candle up as a small shadow appears. Zakuro saying it is the true form of the spirit. The mini shadow tells about his home and how the humans have destroyed it. The business man rages over the massive damage that was caused and says that all youkais should go away.  Hanadate Takatoshi arrives and says that the army shall pay the damage and that the shrine to be rebuilt. Hanadate also says that westernization has its benefits, but they should always look back in order to strengthen youkai and human relationships. At night, Zakuro who is a human (I guess) looks up at the night sky. Agemaki sits next to her and gives Zakuro her favorite drink, which Susukihotaru told him about. Zakuro realizes that there are bad people like the business man, good people like  Hanadate and morons like him. Agemaki looks at Zakuro with a look of jealousy.

Impressions: This is another good episode. Riding on the last one, there are plenty of funny moments with Agemaki, particularly with the candle. He is what makes the show fun to watch! Zakuro is having a dream with her mother in it, which would lead us to the next episode. I am looking forward to it episode, because it leads us to the serious parts of the show. Her new crush is Hanadate, who come as a straight up good person. He never met Zakuro, but charms her immediately. I can see him being a rival to Agemaki, but I doubt it (Agemaki is too good for Zakuro in my opinion) seeing how the opening hints at his real intention. There was some character development towards Ganryuu and the twins. Ganryuu seems to be able to tell them apart, which leaves me to question as to why they did not have the same actor play the twins, since I can also tell them apart with their diverging seiyu voices. I laughed at how Riken cares about Susukihotaru’s hands. Don’t get my wrong it makes for good relationship development, but she just waves a branch around all the time, and sings a song that I am getting used to. How can you say thats fighting?

The battle scene (if you can call it that) to me, serves no purpose at all. Only when Zakuro points the candles towards the shadow does it revert to its true form. The only thing I see it as, is being a funny sequence with a song that I somehow am liking.


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