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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 02

Yeah, new character. She looks cute too

Summary:  Kirino starts to check for updates on her cell phone, as her two friends greet her. Kirino spots some people playing some video games, but her pink haired friend looks at them with disgust. At home, Kirino scolds his brother Kyousuke for not finishing the game he borrowed. Kyousuke tells her to ask her friends to play, but she turns silent. Kyousuke finds out Kirino does not have friends she can talk about this stuff. Kyousuke then decides to help her make friends, but Kirino does not want to make the school know of her secret. Kyousuke decides to make Kirino go to an anime/manga forum community site to find some friends. She quickly receives a message from the moderator of the club “Otaku Girls Unite!” Saori. The message asks her to go to an offline tea party at Akihabara next week. The scene turns to Akihabara where Kyousuke and Kirino look for the restaurant for the meeting. Not knowing whom the people are and Kirino being the first time in a meeting, Kyousuke goes to the restaurant first and finds out it is a maid cafe. He tries orders something as the waiter asks what he should be addressed by. Kyousuke says anything, and the waiter decides to go with “Onii-chan”.  The “Otaku Girls Unite!” club arrive as Saori Bagina starts the meeting. Kyousuke is surprised by how large Saori. Kirino sadly does not fit in at all. The meeting ends with all the members receiving gifts. A member wearing a rather peculiar dress runs off, and Saori chases her. Kyousuke congratulates Kirino, but Kirino says she was not able talk to anyone. Kyousuke comments that it was her outfit that made them avoid her. They leave the restaurant as Saori meets them. Saori believes Kyousuke is her boyfriend, but they quickly disagree. Saori comments how they do not look alike. Saori decides to invite them to the after party. The three of them meet together with the member who left first after the meeting, Kuroneko, and they all sit down to talk.

The Table of Death
Saori wants to get to know the other members she could not talk to in the meeting. Kuroneko and Kirino both comment on her size and clothing. Kyousuke tells them it is rude, but Saori says its fine. Next, Kuroneko starts to question why Kirino is in the getup saying it is not Akihabara like. Angry, Kirino then questions Kuroneko's dress, and she tells her that it is from the anime “Maschera: Lament of a Fallen Beast”. Kuroneko recommends watching the anime, but Kirino says it is at the same time as Stardust Witch Meruru. Kuroneko being insulted starts to talk badly of Meruru, but Kirino replies back at her and starts insulting Maschera. The two of both argue about their shows, but Kyousuke tells them “it is just an anime”.  The two look at Kyousuke questioning his logic. Kyousuke then fells silent. The two start arguing again as Saori says they get along with each other, and feels that they are very passionate of their anime. The group then goes to anime/manga stores and questions the dirtiness of the anime they like. After that, all of them depart. Their parents wonder where Kirino went, but nobody cares where Kyousuke went. Kyousuke then finishes the game he borrowed from Kirino.  Kyousuke returns the game. Kyousuke says that Kirino had finally made friends at the end and he goes to sleep.  

Impression: What can I say? This was a very enjoyable episode to watch. Frankly, it was mostly talking again, but this time about anime! The “table of death” scene was the highlight, and it definitely made me look at myself wondering how I take my anime shows. Kuroneko and Saori are two enjoyable to watch characters. Saori has that old glasses twirl and I love it how she tempted Kyousuke to verbally abuse her. She is very lenient about her size as well making wonder if they are going to be making more jokes about that later on. Kuroneko is mysterious to me, but I can just imagine her as a rival to Kirino. Kuroneko has that certain charm that makes me like. She is quiet at times, but when she starts talking, it could lead to some awesome dialogue. I hope there is some sort of relationship connection between Kuroneko and Kyousuke. I know there is a very stale chance, but it will be awesome if they do that.

P.S Kuroneko? That is a very funny name. I do not know if they will reveal her real name, but hey, I am fine with calling her that. 


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