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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 01

Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?

Summary: Kousaka Kyousuke is in his bed. His sister wakes him up and tells him she made breakfast for him. Kyousuke is shocked and grabs her sister’s arm saying “there’s no way my sister that cute”. Kyousuke wakes up after having a dream. He goes down and haves breakfast. His mom is telling him that her sister left early because she has morning duties. He’s at class next having a conversation with Manami Tamura his classmate and friend. She starts praising how Kyousuke’s sister is so popular and pretty, while Kyousuke replies by saying she will win in the most normal contest, Manami blushes. We see Kyousuke come back home as her sister Kousake Kirino is talking on the phone. He goes to his room, but comes back to go somewhere when his sister bumps into him. She leaves and Kyousuke finds a DVD box with an 18+ rated disc inside. His mother arrives and he tries to hide it. He wonders as to whom the disc belongs in his room. During dinner he starts having a conversation talking about the mature rated disc. He looks at his father and sister, his father is kind of startled, but calm while his she reacts panicked like. After dinner, Kyousuke declares to go out. He goes out, but only to the front gate. He watches as his room is lighted and goes back in. He finds his sister looking for the disc. Kyousuke shows her the dics, but she denies it’s not hers, though Kyousuke asks her to throw it out. She admits to ownership and leaves.

Look how innocent she looks. Talking on phone....
During the night, Kyousuke is about to go to sleep when suddenly her sister slaps him in the face. She tells him to follow her to her room. He looks at the room and sees nothing out the normal, when suddenly Kirino shows him the closet hidden behind her bookshelf. It`s full of figurines and anime games. He is shocked and surprise as Kirino shows her collection of anime dvd games and figurines, particularly incest brother sister games. She shows him her collection of buying the same merchandise as DVD, Blueray etc... Kyousuke asks Kirino why she buys the same products and she replies with novelty. He also asks her how expensive they are and she says a remarkable price leaving him to wonder how she pays for all of it. Kirino shows him of his modeling jobs via magazines, some which are very popular. She then ask him what she should do now being an eroge collector that she unwillingly is addicted, because of all the online news and buying sites. He asks if she has anything even deeper and she reacts with disgust saying “nobody would love his own sister”. She suggests if she should tell their parents and he immediate says no. They then proceed to check if their parents are sleeping. Kyousuke then agrees to help him in whatever it is possible, so she can hide her strange hobby. She smiles and Kyousuke goes back to bed to sleep. Just as Kyousuke was going to sleep again, Kirino slaps him by the face again. Kirino continues their conversation. We cut to an incest brother – sister game as Kyousuke picks “to kicks her sister out of bed” option. Kirino kicks him saying how a terrible thing that is to do. Kirino decides to give him a couple of other games to play and Kyousuke agree to play them in the weekend.

Well ain't she cute?

Impression: Well that was certainly a crazy story. Frankly, I don’t know what to say about this. It made me laugh myself to death, but at a very wrong cause. This could either ruin or make the anime for me. In any case I’ll continue to keep watching this, but at a very non- serious point of view. I can’t say I really like nor can I say I hate it either. I have no clue on whether I should blog this or not, but we’ll see when I blog about another anime that has incest to it...

Expectations and Predictions: This is something I don’t want to make a plot out of, and instead, go for the comedy and crazy situations route. I could see Kirino maybe having a affection for her brother and the same goes vice versa with Kyousuke. Why do you think she buys all those games? To make herself the perfect imouto of course! I like Kyousuke, he seems to be some –what of a lazy person, but will help people when he needs to. I hope I get see some more Manami too as she totally has a crush of him face.

P.S Yosuga no Sora is up next.


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